Korean netizens are furious with ENHYPEN Jay’s comments on Korean history, despite apologies from idol Kpop News

Korean netizens are furious with ENHYPEN Jay’s comments on Korean history, despite apologies from idol Kpop News

Internet users criticized ENHYPEN jay after the idol’s comments on Korean history.

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Previously, we reported on ENHYPEN Jay’s apology to fans after the idol dismissed the Korean story and compared it to a short novel.

ENHYPEN’s Jay apologizes for inflammatory comments on Korean history

Jay made the comments during a live broadcast with his partner Sunhoon. During the live broadcast, Sunghoon said he enjoyed learning Korean history. Jay then said that he prefers to study world history, saying that Korean history lacks information compared to the history of other countries.

I like (I like) the history of the world. I studied a bit of Korean history at school. I like studying history, but there isn’t much information in Korean history. It looks like a short novel. I have studied the history of other countries, and their (history) is so long that it never ends, but Korea’s (history) goes like that.


Jay has since apologized for his comments, saying his comments were careless and they shouldn’t have spoken so lightly.

Hello, I’m Jay from ENHYPEN.
Today I was surprised by the response from the fans after the live stream. Whatever the reason, I sincerely apologize for making ENGENE uncomfortable. My comments on a subject as important as the history of Korea were careless and based solely on my personal impressions. It wasn’t a subject I should have talked about with my limited knowledge. This incident reminded me that I still have a lot to learn. While I don’t want to belittle our proud history, I think viewers could have felt that way, and it was my fault. We’re sorry. From now on I will be more careful and learn more to become an artist that ENGENES can be proud of. I am always learning a lot from you.


Despite the idol’s apology, netizens expressed their disappointment and anger at Jay’s comments. Many netizens have pointed out that Korea’s rich history spans more than two thousand years.

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  • “Our country’s history is so long and there is so much to learn… That’s why learning about Korean history is so important.”
  • “The historical roots of our country are very deep! Even someone who doesn’t know much about it, like me.”
  • “His intentions were wrong and the content (of his comments) was stupid.”
  • “Anyway, LOL. If the history of thousands of years is missing information and is a short novel, then is the (history) of the United States a comedy parody?
  • “That’s how he spreads the name of the group. He said these things even though his cock was trying to hold him back.”
  • “I can’t forgive him. I don’t usually bother with idol controversies so I don’t even leave comments, but it really is inexcusable.
  • “Even I, a “real” Korean, found Korean history classes very difficult and asked my ancestors why they recorded so much (history). I remember drinking a lot of soju after the tests. What does this guy say?”
  • “I’m really worried ㅠㅠ. Who are you to downplay our story? ㅠㅠ”

Korea’s history spans thousands of years. After samguk yuksa (EG 1231), Korea’s first kingdom, Gojoseon, was founded in 2333 BC. founded.