Korean members wear “Japanese-style outfits”…idols receiving malicious comments in real-time

Korean members wear “Japanese-style outfits”…idols receiving malicious comments in real-time

The idol group Kingdom has been criticized by netizens for their overly “Japanese” concept.

An article with the title appeared recently “Idols that seem to be making a comeback with an all-Japanese concept…jpg” posted in various online communities.

Photos released include photos from the teaser video, the throwback planner image, and the Kingdom group photo.

Stills from the teaser video, in particular, attracted attention, showing a member in a Japanese-style costume posing in front of a cherry tree and a Japanese house in the background.

The throwback planner also borrowed the “cherry blossom,” which is known as the symbol and national flower of Japan.

Also, in the group photo Kingdom posted to Instagram on March 7, all members wore Japanese-style costumes. One member in particular added shock with the “Japanese sword.”

Also, the stage name of a member of the all-Korean kingdom is known to derive from the name of Japan’s first emperor, “Emperor Jimmu.”


Previously, Kingdom had appeared in JTBC’s “Peak Time” team survival program, but was eliminated.

Ryan S. Jhun, who was judging her at the time, pointed out, “You’re too caught up in the concept trap. I get the impression you only believe in a concept and haven’t developed your techniques yet.

He continued: “I thought there would be something, so I wholeheartedly watched your performance, but I didn’t know what to watch. Wouldn’t it be better to strengthen your skills than your concept?

Internet users who read the post commented: “They were already pointed out on the casting show that their concept is exaggerated…”, “They rely on the concepts. It’s ridiculous”, “You have no ability to play concepts. What’s the point of doing it like this? »…

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