Koh Lanta: What is “the sacred fire” at the heart of this new season?

Koh Lanta: What is “the sacred fire” at the heart of this new season?

The new season of Koh Lanta starts tomorrow on TF1 and is called “The Sacred Fire”. What novelties will be the focus of these new episodes?

The new season of Koh Lanta is leaving the Philippines this year in the province of Caramoan. And fire, which has always been central to the game – allowing you to eat and heat yourself – will once again take center stage in this season called The Sacred Fire!

Barely arrived at the site after swimming more than 500 meters, this season’s castaway volunteers will have to compete directly in the obstacle course where the 2 winners – 1 man and 1 woman – can become team captains. But here too the chef’s surprise, because after a first night at 20, the teams are formed with a respected parity. Then one of the participants may hope to be the first to win the sacred fire:” The sacred fire is an old legend in the Philippines. She relates that a benevolent god hid his sacred fire of power in the bowels of a volcano. We took inspiration from this legend to invent this season’s theme. Fire already has a strong imagery in Koh-Lanta. This year it will also be an additional chance to assert its place in the adventure by playing an important role, namely that of protection. This power is symbolically contained in a lava stone talisman that we had formed from volcanic rock on site. as Denis Brogniart explained to us during the press conference.

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How exactly does the “power of the holy fire” work?

« When the Holy Fire holder’s tribe goes to the council, the latter can use it on them or give it to one of their teammates, while remaining the holder of that power at the end of the vote. On the other hand, if the opposing team loses the immunity game, he has the opportunity to go to the other side a few hours before the Council to argue with his opponents and protect the adventurer of his choice. The owner of the talisman keeps it as long as their team wins. Conversely, if it loses, he gives it to a person of his choosing from the opposing tribe.“. The rule of the holy fire only applies until the reunion.