Koh Lanta: What are these allegations against Denis Brogniart?

Koh Lanta: What are these allegations against Denis Brogniart?

While Koh Lanta is set to return to TF1 soon, celebrity presenter Denis Brogniart has become the target of an investigation involving him

Denis Brognart would have shown abusive behavior that he imposed in particular on his employees and did so for years. In fact, a union official from TF1 spoke out in favor of it Here is : “Everyone knows that Denis Brogniart is capable of humiliating public anger, especially among women”.

Impressive testimonials

There is a lot of anonymous testimony, but some have also agreed to speak frankly. Presenter Marion Jolès confided that these two years with Denis on “Automoto” are ” the worst memory of his career“. Another journalist, Anne-Laure Bonnet, who presented “F1 à la Une” alongside her, spoke about it “Insane anger towards his subordinates“. Finally, the testimony of another journalist speaks for itself, it is Charlotte Namura. On the set of “Mag« In 2018, during the soccer World Cup, she explains that Denis Brognart lost his composure during the commercial break, insulted and slandered him to the point “that it wasn’t her nothing but shit, just good enough for a smile”.

“He is the true prototype of the person who is weak with the mighty and mighty with the weak”

Anne-Laure Bonnet on Denis Brogniart, from The team

The star host has apologized

Who would have believed that? Very popular with the public, Denis Brogniart has conveyed tireless joy and enthusiasm… Yet just recently, in July 2022, when he was special envoy for Biscarrosse, he would have ” screamed ” and ” rotten » a young journalist and a production manager who leaves « paralyzed ” and the other ” in tears“. A temper that no one suspected, probably thanks to a law of silence he imposed since he had carved out such an important place on the French television landscape. Behaviors that some people say are not far from “moral harassment.” Investigation within TF1 will uncover the truth of these actions.

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However, the star host made it a point to offer a lengthy apology: ” I am very committed, a perfectionist and on the occasion of two live broadcasts on TF1 where the pressure is very high, I had words that went beyond my thinking, statements that offended some people and I regret it. Nothing justifies my behavior following certain difficulties. These isolated facts do not reflect the privileged relationships of respect and goodwill that I have with the technical and editorial teams of the programs in which I have been a part for thirty years. I want to apologize to anyone I may have hurt. »

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