Ko Woo Rim (FORESTELLA) Files Lawsuit After Rumors He Cheated On Wife Kim Yuna – K-GEN

Ko Woo Rim (FORESTELLA) Files Lawsuit After Rumors He Cheated On Wife Kim Yuna – K-GEN

Ko Woo Rim will file a complaint after rumors.

FORESTELLA singer and ex-skater Kim Yuna got married last October.

There have been many rumors about them in recent days, mainly spread through videos on YouTube claiming that the couple is getting a divorce and claiming that Ko Woo Rim cheated on his wife during a trip abroad.

Kim Yuna’s agency All That Sports announced that it would take action against such misinformation and slander.

Shortly thereafter, the agency of Ko Woo Rim also spoke up.

Beat Interactive said:

“Hello, this is Beat Interactive.

To protect the rights and interests of our artist Ko Woo Rim, we will proceed with a zero-tolerance legal response to “Fake News”.

It was recently confirmed that nonsensical “fake news” about Ko Woo Rim was being posted and shared online, and continued monitoring revealed that there was still an excessive amount of “fake news” content circulating.

The company believed that the elimination of “fake news” was to avoid secondary harm to Ko Woo Rim, his family members and his fans, and decided to file a lawsuit as part of a zero-tolerance policy.

An active investigation will follow.

In addition, we will take the initiative to protect the rights and interests of our artists by applying the principle of zero tolerance in non-negotiation response processes.

In addition to this case, we are committed to responding comprehensively to violations of rights such as sexual harassment, defamation, personal attacks, insults, dissemination of false information, malicious slander and assassination.

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Thank you to all the fans who love and support our artists at Beat Interactive.

Beat Interactive will continue to do our best to protect our artists and fans from malicious behavior.

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