Knowledge of TAT, Holistic Method of Medicine studied by Reza Gunawan

Knowledge of TAT, Holistic Method of Medicine studied by Reza Gunawan

Reza GunawanDewi Lestari’s husband passed away last Tuesday (6/9), but he will be remembered forever thanks to the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) which had a great impact on his clients.

Reza is a certified medical practitioner and TAT trainer. In a video posted on Reza Gunawan’s YouTube channel, he said he started learning TAT in 2005.

“I was amazed at how easily TAT took the emotional and mental burden off of so many clients with all kinds of problems,” he said.

TAT is a simple and natural way to find ease, happiness and change in your inner and outer health. He said that this method was first discovered by an acupuncturist named Tapas Fleming in America in 1993.

What is the use of TAT?

TAT can be used for a variety of healing needs ranging from dealing with stress, negative emotions, emotional trauma, traumatic events, anxiety disorders, fear, anger, depression and a variety of other disorders- relationship problems with other people.

In addition, TAT can be used to treat physical ailments, especially those that are psychosomatic.

“This medicine does not work or act as a suggestion, confirmation, mental program, you do not need to believe or think positive to get the benefits of TAT,” said Reza.

In 2006, Reza led a post-violence recovery program in Yogyakarta. He and his team treated more than seven thousand people in six weeks. In a short time, he saw that a serious injury could ‘dissolve’.

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How is the TAT method used?

The TAT method can be used in two ways, namely independent and operator-led. People who want to be able to do the TAT on their own need to follow a learning curve with a professional trainer.

Reza himself since the end of 2006 is one of about 40 TAT trainers in the world. With this title, he is officially authorized to teach the TAT method from beginner to advanced level.

In general, TAT is used in three steps, that is, choosing a problem or burden to be released, choosing three acupressure points or acupuncture points on the face and maintaining a series of sentences in the TAT method.

In the second video, he explained three things that were done during TAT.

First step, use the thumb and index finger of your right or left hand. The finger is touched somewhere just above the tear gland (inner corner of the eye). Then he goes through the middle of the finger in the middle of the two eyebrows.

Only the fingers are touching, not pressing on the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, the free hand is touched behind the head or as a support for the head.

The second position, this is called the second ear pose. You will be told to touch the line where the ear and the head meet which is the letter C. Then touch the five fingers of the left and right hand to each ear.


The third position, this is called the heart position where you place your hands on top of each other in the area of ​​the heart chakra (the center of the chest at the level of the heart section is located).

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“The whole recovery process is carried out for 15-20 minutes. Usually after the TAT process, we feel better, the stress is lighter, the body is healthier than the previous symptoms and slowly the relationship improves, there is an internal clarity so it provides a new angle to solve the problems that follow,” he said.


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