Knowing Mastitis, Breast Disease Faces Ria Ricis

Knowing Mastitis, Breast Disease Faces Ria Ricis

Riya Ricis contracting mastitis or breast cancer while breastfeeding her first child, Moana. The mastitis confession of Ria Ricis was delivered by her YouTube account.

What exactly is mastitis like that of Ria Ricis?

Mastitis is inflammation of the breast tissue. Sometimes this inflammation also contains an infection that causes breast tenderness, swelling, and redness.

Not only this, when you experience this condition you can also have fever with chills.

Who can get this mastitis?

According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition mainly affects lactating women, also known as lactational mastitis. However, women who are not breastfeeding can also get mastitis, and sometimes even men can get it.

Ria Ricis mastitis can be said to be lactational mastitis. This can make you feel tired, making it difficult to care for the baby. Sometimes mastitis also causes the mother to wean her baby before she intends to wean.

Referring to the NHS, mastitis also usually affects only one breast. Some of the symptoms that often appear include;

– Swelling around the breast with pain and tenderness to the touch
– Breast lump or hard area on the breast
– Burning pain in the breast which can be permanent or only while you are breastfeeding
– Discharge from the nipple, which may be white or contain drops of blood
– flu, fever and fatigue

What causes mastitis?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, mastitis occurs when the bacteria gets on the skin or gets into the breast. These bacteria enter the milk ducts or cracks in the skin.

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The milk ducts are the part of the breast tissue that transports milk to the breast. All breeds have milk ducts and can get mastitis.

Infections also occur when the milk comes out again due to blocked ducts or other problems with the feeding system. Bacteria grow in skimmed milk. These factors increase the risk of mastitis in breastfeeding mothers.

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In order not to get mastitis, there are many ways you can do, such as;

– Give a break after breastfeeding
– Don’t wear nursing clothes or pressure bras that make the nipples wet.
– Feed the baby on one side, leaving the breast empty, before switching to the other breast.
– Change the nipples for everything in the entire breast area.
– Use your finger to stop the baby sucking the breast if you need to stop breastfeeding.

This is the information about the mastitis of Ria Ricis, it is not dangerous but it is enough to torture breastfeeding parents.


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