Kim Woo Bin repeated famous lines from ‘The Inheritors’

Kim Woo Bin repeated famous lines from ‘The Inheritors’

Actor Kim Woo Bin has reenacted the famous lines from the kdrama The Inheritors, available for free on 6play!

Kim Woo Bin took part in the You Quiz on the Block show on tvN and shared various stories with Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho. During the episode, Kim Woo Bin reflected on his acting career, including the popular SBS K-drama The Inheritors/The Heirs (2013).

“The Heirs” attracted attention with famous lines like “나 너 좋아하냐 (I like you)” by Lee Min Ho, which went viral a few years ago, and “Lucifer Came to the School of Satan” by Kang Ha Neul.

Kim Woo Bin recalls: “(Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook) loves this kind of expression. She wanted these lines to become trending. The actors did it with joy. We’ve done our best to make these lines less cumbersome.

Kim Woo Bin has reenacted famous lines from

But after reenacting famous lines, Kim Woo Bin sparked laughter as he awkwardly left his chair. Yoo Jae Suk said: “I remember it very well, even though ‘The Heirs’ aired ten years ago. »

On the other hand, « the heirs is a K-drama that transcribes the adventures and relationships of rich South Korean heirs.

Kim Tan, heir to the Empire Group, illegitimate son of Chairman Kim Nam Yun and engaged to young heiress Yu Rachel, grew up in the shadow of his older brother Kim Won, who, unlike him, takes his job at the company very seriously.

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While studying in the United States, where he was sent by his brother, who saw his presence as a threat to his position, Kim Tan meets a young girl named Cha Eun Sang, for whom he begins to develop feelings.

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But when they return to Korea, he quickly discovers that she is none other than the daughter of the governess who works for her family.


Eun Sang will also meet Choi Yeong Do, Kim Tan’s nemesis and heir to a major hotel chain, creating a love triangle between the three.

Much of the kdrama is about the lives of the “Heirs” and how their life isn’t as florid and simple as it seems, as well as Eun-Sang’s struggles. A girl from a poor family in the midst of rich, spoiled children and the dynamics that go with it.

Do you remember these lines?

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