Kim Nam Gil spent Independence Day reading Kim Gu’s My Wish

Kim Nam Gil spent Independence Day reading Kim Gu’s My Wish

Actor Kim Nam Gil celebrated Independence Day by reading Baekbeom Kim Gu’s quote “My Wish”.

On March 1, Kim Nam Gil posted an audio file through his Instagram in which he directly read and recorded Baekbeom Kim Gu’s quote “My Wish.”

In the soft music audio file, he began by saying: “The quote ‘My Wish’ always awakens our spirit.”

He aroused touching feelings while reading, “I want our nation to be the most beautiful in the world. I don’t mean the most powerful nation. Because I felt the pain of being attacked by another nation, I don’t want my nation to invade others. It is enough that our wealth makes our life rich; It is enough that our armed forces are able to prevent foreign invasions. The only thing I want in endless quantities is the power of a noble culture. Because the power of culture makes us happy and gives happiness to others.

In response, netizens commented: “This short but seemingly long article makes me think a lot”, “I’m crying”, “What a touching story”, “I won’t forget it”, “So cool. I am so proud”, “I am full of patriotic spirit”, etc.

Meanwhile, many celebrities also showed their commemoration of March 1 Independence Day in their own way.

jeon hyoseong

Former secret member Jeon Hyo Sung took a picture of the Korean flag in the street and posted it on her Instagram with the message: “Korean flags hang side by side on the street. It’s quite cloudy today, but since today is Independence Day, one side of my heart warms at the image of the Korean flags waving in the wind. As every year, I will spend the rest of the day enjoying and remembering this special day.


Actor Jung Eun Pyo also captured the Korean flag he hung and his son’s message urging him to hang the Korean flag. He added the caption, “I learned something from my little child. I will pray for the patriotic martyrs and promise not to forget them.”

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