Killers of the Flower Moon: Is Scorsese’s next film based on a true story?

Killers of the Flower Moon: Is Scorsese’s next film based on a true story?

Scorsese’s next film, which deals with “a forgotten part” of American history, has just been presented at the CinemaCon festival in Las Vegas

A long-awaited film

The film was originally supposed to last 3h54, but it ended up being… 3h26, just 3min less than the Irishman ! Film that had been criticized enough for its length. Scorsese and Dicaprio were in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 27th to present the famous film to a crowd of affable journalists. This is the actor’s sixth collaboration with Scorsese The revenant, who joins the cast with Robert de Niro, who in turn is beginning his 11th collaboration with the filmmaker. Joining the cast of the film are Brendan Fraser, Jesse Plemons and the beautiful Lily Gladstone.

This story is based on the novel of the same name by David Grann, who collaborated with the director on the screenplay. It follows the murders and disappearances of several members of the Osage Indian tribe of Oklahoma, who were murdered in the 1920’s after finding oil on their land. The entire film was shot on the actual scenes of these horrific events.

David Grann’s book. Released in 2017.

A true story ?

This story, adapted from a novel, is mostly true. It’s the 1920’s and black gold has become the ultimate source of wealth, everyone wants their piece of the pie. At this time, Native Americans still had some power over the small land that had been ceded to them. It is only when the Osage discover oil wells beneath their soil that the government decides that they will be banned from staying there and declared incapable of looking after their own wealth. Their white neighbors are then appointed guardians. Gradually, more and more victims are discovered near these deposits. This is where the Scorsese story really begins.

“To show how some Americans could rationalize violence—even against those they loved—by simply saying, This is civilization. One group comes in and another goes out”

Speaking of Martin Scorsese’s wish Killer of the Flower Moon. Credit France info.

The film borrows the name of the actual Burkhart family. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhart, a murderer who preys on Oklahoma Indians to confiscate their oil. He will fall in love with Lily Gladstone aka Molly, who is his wife and the family’s first victim. Robert de Niro will play the role of William Hale, the criminal mastermind behind the murders. The film also sheds light on the eventual FBI under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI’s first chief, a position he held for 37 years. His life was also the subject of a film directed by Cleant Eastwood and interpreted by Leonardo Dicaprio.

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With a budget of $200 million Killer of the Flower Moon will premiere in Cannes and be released in French cinemas on October 18th before being released on AppleTV+.

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