Kdramas based on true events

Kdramas based on true events

Kdramas are addictive. Be it romance or fantasy, history or thriller, several kdramas have elements that make you feel connected to the story.

Although at times they may seem over the top with the treatment of the story or scenarios that are too good to be true, they still manage to pull you in.

Korea is not JUST Seoul…

While the creative minds that make them attractive deserve credit, some kdramas were inspired or based on true stories.

Here are 5 K dramas that owe their success to real-life incidents.

  1. Hwarang

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

This hit historical kdrama is not specifically based on a story but is inspired by Hwarang, a group of elite warriors specially trained to become the protectors of the kingdom.

This was a common occurrence during the Silla Kingdom of Korea.

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

The story revolves around a group of young men who form unlikely bonds as they wage a ruthless struggle for power.

  1. fight my way

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

This romantic comedy is loosely based on the true story of Choo Sung Hoon, a mixed martial artist, and his wife, Yano Shiho. The series writer had revealed that he was fascinated by the world of MMA when he saw Shiho cry as she watched her husband fight in the ring.

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

The romantic comedy was praised for its close-knit characters and storyline, which revolves around four people fighting against all odds to achieve their ambitions.

  1. Answer 1988

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

This lovable kdrama isn’t entirely based on an actual event, but one of the characters certainly is. Few may know that the character of Choi Taek, played by popular Korean actor Park Bogum, was inspired by an award-winning real baduk player, Lee Chang Ho.

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The lovable kdrama has been praised by viewers and critics alike for its realistic plot and characters.

  1. crash landing on you

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

This romantic kdrama is inspired by an incident involving Korean actress Yang Jung-a. The series’ screenwriter, Park Ji-eun, made this interesting revelation during an interview.

Ji-eun recounted the nerve-wracking incident, saying the actress almost crossed the northern border line separating South Korea and North Korea on a boat ride. She became aware of the disaster when she heard Fischer speak with a North Korean accent.

crash landing on you

The series also stars billionaire extraordinary Yoon Se-ri who accidentally ends up in North Korea after a crazy skiing accident. There she meets Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok, an army officer who promises to send her home safely.

  1. empress ki

empress ki

This captivating epic kdrama is said to be based on the infamous story of a low-ranking woman, Ki Seung-nyang, who was born in the Goryeo Dynasty and was sent to China in the Yuan Dynasty. There she slowly made her way up the ranks and married the king of Yuan, Toghon Temur, to become Empress Ki.

KDramas based on real events - Part 1 K-Selection

Using power, politics and betrayal, Empress Ki overcomes all obstacles, discovers true love and achieves her political ambitions. After coming to power in Yuan, she apparently ruthlessly invaded her own country with her husband’s troops.

Though viewed by some as a ruler, she was branded a traitor for invading her birthplace. The series perfectly captures how power can make people do crazy things.

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