Kdramas and Shows to Watch – Part 2

Kdramas and Shows to Watch – Part 2

If you love Korean content, you surely know that more and more content is available on streaming platforms.

Among these platforms we find Netflix, of course, but also Disney+, which offers fans more and more kdramas and shows.

Disney+ boycotted South Korea after 'Snowdrop' controversy

In the first part, we have mentioned some kdramas/shows that are available on Disney+.

Now here is the second part of what you can find on the platform.

  1. love all play

Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

Set in the world of badminton, this sports-romantic comedy follows the stories of its young pro players, including between Park Tae-joon and the failed Olympic Park Tae-yang.

  1. Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer receives positive reactions from viewers

Doctor Lawyer tells the story of surgeon genius Han Yi Han, who became a medical lawyer after losing everything he had built up to power manipulation in his previous surgery.

  1. Link: eat, love, kill

Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

Chef Eun Gye-hoon opens a restaurant in the city where his twin sister disappeared two decades ago. There he meets a stranger and is amazed to learn that he can feel what she is feeling, such as joy, sadness and pain.

The stranger turns out to be Noh Da-hyun, a woman who believes smiling brings good luck but seems unlucky in life and in love.

  1. Adam

Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

Mystery writer Woo Shin and prosecutor Soo Hyun (both played by Ji Sung) are twin brothers who face a big mystery and an enduring threat as they try to get their stepfather on death row indictments over a 22-year-old murder case clear up .

  1. may it please the court

May it please the Disney court

In May It Please the Court, No Chak-hee goes from being a top attorney at a major law firm to becoming a public defender and is left to work on a murder case with her mysterious colleague Jwa Shi-baek.

  1. One Dollar Lawyer
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Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

Although he is regularly confronted with the best lawyers and is one of the most competent lawyers, Cheon Ji Hoon’s mandate is offered at a low price: 1,000 Korean won.

The ex-lawyer soon meets Deputy District Attorney Baek Ma Ri, whose life takes a turn when they finally meet.

  1. In the Soop: Friendship

In the Soop Friendcation Wooga squad

In the Soop: Friendcation is the Wooga Squad edition of the variety show BTS In the Soop by BTS. Thanks to V’s desire to enjoy his break, his record label kindly invited his group of friends on a healing journey.

Viewers have a rare opportunity to see celebrities relaxing and enjoying their time with their friends. That’s it. There is no big plot, only great pictures.

  1. Outrun by Running Man

Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

Running Man stars Kim Jong Kook, HaHa and Ji Suk-jin in this official spin-off of Korea’s longest-running variety show.

Outrun by Running Man offers new concepts such as advanced missions with a mysterious component. Guests will feature Song Ji-hyo, Yang Se-chan, Defconn, Kim Jong-min, Yoo Se-yoon, and Choi Joon.

  1. The Zone: Survival Mission

Disney+: Kdramas and Shows to Watch - Part 2 K-Selection

With Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo and Yuri from Girls’ Generation as regular members, this show is sure to be fun. They’ve also invited special guests to the mix, which makes it even more exciting.

In this show, the members represent all of humanity and enter a disaster-simulated space called The Zone. You have to complete the challenges for four hours.

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