KAACHI, the English kpop group, announce their split

KAACHI, the English kpop group, announce their split

KAACHI received a lot of attention when they debuted as the first “British” K-pop girl group, according to the band.

Her debut music video “Your Turn” garnered 10 million views within 60 days of uploading to YouTube and a total of 14 million views over a 2-year period.

While they debuted with four members – Nicole, Chunseo, Dani and Coco – less than a year later, Dani announced her departure from the group in July 2021.

They continued to release a few singles until October of the same year, when the group seemed to have slipped off the radar.kaachi-your turn

In September 2022, it was announced that Coco would also be leaving the group and performing as a solo artist, leaving Nicole and Chunseo as the only remaining members.

And since KAACHI hadn’t updated their social media accounts since September 2022, fans were worried about the future of the group.

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Unfortunately, on February 28th, KAACHI officially announced their split after the last two members decided to leave the company.

KAACHI, the English kpop group, announce their split from K-Selection

“Following extensive behind-the-scenes discussions, we announce that the official contract between the Company, Nicole and Chunseo has been terminated. We will be happy to support each other in whatever we do, wherever we are.

The documentary, which starred Nicole and Chunseo, will be officially released next May. Please look forward to it 🙂 We wish Nicole and Chunseo all the best for the future projects. Thank you all for all the love and support. »

KAACHI, the English kpop group, announce their split from K-Selection

Many fans were disappointed but showed their support for the members by commenting:

  • “I will support my daughters no matter what”
  • “Thanks Kaachi.
  • “We will always support the girls! Go Kaashi! reboot”
  • “Let’s hope the girls have a prosperous future and we can be a part of it, provided we support them, blessings. »
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We wish them the best for the future.