K-Pop Idol’s mom makes fans cry with surprise package sent to birthday cafe

K-Pop Idol’s mom makes fans cry with surprise package sent to birthday cafe

K-pop fans know that it’s traditional to visit birthday cafes to mark the birthday of your favorite idol. for a fandom, they got a surprise from their idol’s mom! H1-KEY de Riina Mom left a beautiful package in a birthday cafe and got a lot of attention from fans around the world.

The package included a handwritten letter, childhood photos with captions, and a treat for fans.

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Dear M1-KEY, Hello! I am the mother of Seunghyun (Riina). Thank you for celebrating Seunghyun’s birthday. I thought about what I could do to show my appreciation and although it was a little embarrassing I decided to write this letter.

After being discovered in her schoolyard when I was 15, I always worried about her election and her uncertain future. There wasn’t much he could do for her because the entertainment industry was an area she was unfamiliar with. All he could do was pray for her over the years.

After a difficult few years, I asked him if he wanted to go back to school. But every time she told me that she liked to imagine singing on stage. At the time, I had no idea that a moment like this would come. Seeing her singing and dancing happily in front of so many people makes me proud and happy.

All of this was possible thanks to the support of M1-KEY who loved and supported her. I will continue to be by his side so he can continue to make a positive impact through good songs. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming to celebrate your birthday despite the bad weather. I hope all M1-KEYs always stay happy and healthy. Keep looking for H1-KEY! From Seunghyun’s mother.

The childhood photos also included his mother’s handwritten captions, giving fans a little better insight into his youth and bringing the fans and the artist closer together.

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These individually wrapped treats really showed how much her mom appreciates the fans.

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Internet users who saw the post were also very touched by the story!


  • “Wow, that’s so touching!”
  • “I’m crying because I can feel his mother’s love.”
  • “Oh Mom…”
  • “Wow!”
  • “His mother’s handwriting is also very beautiful.”
  • “So touching.”
  • “It really is so touching.”