K-pop girl groups who are good at singing live while dancing hard choreographies: NMIXX, Gfriend, more!

K-pop girl groups who are good at singing live while dancing hard choreographies: NMIXX, Gfriend, more!

Despite the challenging choreography of THESE seven girl groups, the stability and skill of their live singing is truly top notch!

In the K-pop scene, K-pop groups have often been categorized as being singing groups, dance-centric teams, or rap acts.

(Photo: Gfriend, NMIXX (Kpop Wiki))

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These girl groups weren’t limited to just one category though, as their live vocals were as good as their stunning dance moves!



Since its debut, NMIXX has consistently been recognized for its clean and impressive moves while dancing to difficult choreographies. It’s really shocking to see that, especially from a rookie team.

But not only her dance was praised, but also her voice, especially Lily and Haewon, who belonged to the best singers of the fourth generation!

2. aespa


Who says rappers and solo dancers can’t sing? aespa is the team that makes you question the need for a specific position!

While NingNing is the team’s lead singer, she definitely qualifies as the lead dancer. If Karina is the main dancer, her voice is also enough to become a singer!

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All of them can sing really well despite their rigorous dance steps!

3. Amy


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If you talk about high level singing and high level dancing skills, Gfriend will still be on the list even though they were no longer together.

It is indeed impressive how Gfriend can dance complex synchronized movements while presenting stable vocals!



IZ*ONE is also a disbanded group, but they definitely deserve to be on this list.

When you hear them sing, they were like sweet angels and goddesses. When they dance they are really fluid, they make their steps easier to watch – you won’t even realize how exhausting and difficult their choreography is!

5th generation of girls


In fact, the Nation’s Girl Group is on the list! Not only were they all talented dancers, but they all could sing as if they were the lead singer!

Who needs to tune themselves in when SNSD can sing really well does they feel like eating their CDs for breakfast?

6. Red Velvet


Red Velvet, another group from SM Entertainment, really stood out with their crazy vocals and heavy dancing. One of their most iconic performances is the release of “Be Natural”.

Who else can sing and dance so well in stilettos? !



Finally, BLACKPINK was also praised for her live singing skills. The quartet is obviously not a vocal centered band but when you watch their live shows only the best bands can have incredible vocal stability and execute their dances really hard!

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They always prove their mics are on!

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