K-Pop Fans Name 10 REAL “No Skip” Albums

K-Pop Fans Name 10 REAL “No Skip” Albums

When it comes to most K-pop albums, there always seems to be at least one or two B-sides that most fans feel aren’t worth listening to when playing albums. However, there are some albums that many fans consider “No Skip” albums because every song they contain is just great! Recently on Reddit, K-pop fans were asked to share which albums they thought were truly “no skip” albums, and while many were shared, these were 10 of the top answers.

1. Don’t mess up my pace by EXO

2. The World EP.1: Movement by ATEEZ

3. Codename: Arrow by UP10TION

4. KAI Par Kai

5. Wild by aespa

6. I burn par (G)I-DLE

What are REAL no-skip albums for you? from Kpoppensees

7. Mono Par RM

8th. Start anew by Wonder Girls

9. (xx) by LOONA

dix. Perfect velvet red velvet

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