K-Netizens Praise Aespa Karina’s Heartfelt Messages She Wrote For Her Fans – Kpopnews

K-Netizens Praise Aespa Karina’s Heartfelt Messages She Wrote For Her Fans – Kpopnews

Although K-pop fans already know how Karina de Aespa loves his fans, his sincere heart was once again seen through the messages from fans who attended fan signing events. An online community shared several photos showing how much time and effort he put into the posts he wrote for fans.

The messages are usually pretty short and simple, but Karina went beyond the PS part of her messages! Let’s take a look at some of the messages he wrote for his fans!

His love for the fans is bigger than we can imagine!

| Nate Pan

[Name of Fan]~ The love I give you will be the greatest love you will receive because I will give you the best love!

She will be by your side no matter what.

[Name of fan] what’s going on suits you so well! Don’t forget snacks! If you’re having a hard time, even if I can’t be by your side, leave me a message on Bubble. I really read every message. (#yoojiminreadthis, you can also leave a message with this hashtag!) I wish I could get rid of all the things that are giving you trouble! I will continue to support you wherever I am. I love you!

Do you have an enquiry? He will do his best to achieve it!

A fan challenged him to write the message with his left hand!

Is it right? I love you. Stay healthy… and I think there’s a reason I’m writing with my right hand…

She wants to be the strength and hope of her fans!

There comes a time when we have low self-esteem, but it’s your life and you are the protagonist! Whatever you do, you are the best! I will always support you and be your strength.

He even remembers the little details of all his fans!

| Nate Pan

One fan was pleasantly surprised to learn that Karina knew they always ended the call with the same sentence!

Yoo Jimin’s biggest fan. Remember how you always say “Today I love you too” before you hang up?

She will always be there to dry your tears!

Your eyes weren’t swollen at all ~ Even if you are pretty ~ Don’t cry anywhere else and only cry when you’re with me!

Netizens also praised Karina for her sweet and sincere attitude towards her fans.

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| Nate Pan

  • “Karina is so strong and has a lot of fans because of her incredible love for her fans. She also has a quiet personality and is heavily relied on by the other members as she is the leader.
  • “She is beautiful and also has a great personality. I can tell that’s not fake, and I love that she’s not trying to be pretty or anything.”
  • “Although there are people who say the things idols do are wrong, I would be very happy if I could receive messages like this from someone I love.”
  • “I’m not a fan, but his words move me. His love for the fans is incredible.”