Just one minute in the air, the world’s shortest flight is in Scotland

Just one minute in the air, the world’s shortest flight is in Scotland


Scotland and the way the shortest plane in the world, which operates from Westray in the Orkney Islands to Papa Westray Island. The distance between the two islands by air only takes less than a minute.

As reported Times of IndiaLoganair is the owner of the LM711 which operates the shortest flight in the world, by transporting passengers from one island to another.

Even though, Guinness World Records established this plane as the shortest in the world. However, the travel time is not always less than a minute.

This only applies if the weather is good and the weight of the plane is not too heavy, so the flight takes only 53 seconds. In different conditions, the flight may take two minutes.

There are two or three scheduled flights on the Orkney-Papa Westray route a day. Loganair passengers are mostly locals living on the remote island of Papa Westray.

In the summer, there are often many tourists who want to experience the flight with the shortest flight in the world. However, Papa Westray Island actually also has a natural beauty that attracts tourists to visit Scotland.

Loganair serves the Orkney-Papa Westray route using a small aircraft that has a cabin the size of a car. Only eight people can be transported by the small plane.

In addition, in this flight passengers cannot choose their seat. Passengers are arranged in their seats according to their body weight so that the weight of the plane can be distributed evenly.

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