Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi Relationship Rumors Resurface, Actress Receives Multiple Hateful Comments

Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi Relationship Rumors Resurface, Actress Receives Multiple Hateful Comments

Actress Lee Yoo Bi is currently receiving several hateful comments after rumors of a romantic relationship with BTS’ Jungkook surfaced.

Jungkook Lee Yoo Bi

Last week, a popular Korean YouTuber and former journalist shared his discovery of “facts” proving Lee Yoo Bi and Jungkook were dating.

According to this YouTuber, Lee Yoo Bi and Jungkook have been together since 2021, at least until last May.

Couple Jungkook Lee Yoo Bi

According to what he’s heard from some insiders, he has indicated that they are currently no longer dating.

The Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi relationship rumor

He also pointed out that the two wore beaded bracelets as couple items, and that Jungkook Lee even gave Yoo Bi luxury bags.

Lee Jin Ho a explain : “A review with Jungkook’s ID was posted in an online shop. If you look at the purchase history, product names such as “Chanel Silver” are recorded. »

Jungkook Lee Yubi 1

Lee Yoo Bi posted photos of the same product (as the bag Jungkook bought) on her Instagram at the time. »

Then he revealed: “In November last year, Jungkook was spotted in Jeju with a woman. Coincidentally, Lee Yoo Bi also posted photos from her trip to Jeju at the time..

Pair of Jungkook-Lee-Yu-bi-1

At the end of the video he pointed out: “Through an insider who knows them both well, I can confirm that they were together until 2021. However, it is not known if their relationship will continue after May last year. »

Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi relationship rumors surface again

He also said the two were caught together on Jeju Island in November last year, adding: “There was a suspicion that they might have traveled together. »

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Jungkook Lee Yoo Bi jeju

Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi’s dating rumor surfaced once last year. However, at the time her agencies stated that she was “unfounded”.

Although this YouTuber is known for making comments that are not always based on fact, the video quickly went viral.

Jungkook bts Lee Yoo Bi

After this video went viral, Lee Yoo Bis Instagram became the hottest place to visit.

In the comment section of his latest post, many people started leaving malicious comments.

Jungkook Lee Yoo Bi Pair

The majority of comments seemed to express displeasure with her past romance or possible current romance with Jungkook.

Most of them told him to stay away from Jungkook and stop using Jungkook to gain fame.

couple of young kook

Some filled the comments section with obnoxious emojis and used swear words; They aggressively insulted his appearance, career and family.

Her comments include: “Hello, old lady. Don’t even think about approaching Jungkook! », « Leave Jungkook alone, bxxch. », « Live a quiet life without Jungkook, okay? “, etc.

Her recent post is full of intense criticism and hateful comments like ” I know you want to brag about the guy you’re dating but stop making it too obvious”, “Know your limits aunty”, “Date a guy your same age”, etc.


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