Julien Doré on the poster for the next TF1 series

Julien Doré on the poster for the next TF1 series

As the protagonist, the singer Julien Doré will appear on the front of our screens in a brand new series signed TF1 that is currently being filmed.

In reference to the mascot that has accompanied him since his musical debut, the series of six 52-minute episodes is called “PANDA”. This production has been shooting in the Camargue since March. It was officially announced yesterday by Julien Doré on his Instagram account, following his enigmatic post two days ago. Liked by more than 47,000 people, the caption of this post read: “Something’s brewing, but WHAT? 🤔🐼” and he was full of clues to get his fans to uncover the mysterious shooting.

After HPI, TF1 renews its catalog of comic detective series with this new series. In fact, “PANDA” tells the story of a vegan, pacifist father of nature, completely detached from technology, whose credo is serenity and the comfort of calm. Nothing could have predicted that this “cool baba” with his offbeat style was actually a policeman with an honorable career. Immersed in the peaceful life of a lost home in the Camargue, he is unfortunately called back to his duties against his will… But he will return to ministry on one condition: continue to be the zen of the world!

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Usually you will be able to see this non-violent and unconventional cop on your screens in the more than humorous series PANDA in late 2023/early 2024.

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