Joe Budden calls J. Cole a racial slur for making a song with BTS’ J-Hope

Joe Budden calls J. Cole a racial slur for making a song with BTS’ J-Hope

After announcing that btsIt is J-hope would be the next band member to apply to have his military suspension of service terminated, fans were thrilled to hear that a farewell song would be released.


The single “On The Street” was also a big opportunity for J-Hope as he was collaborating with his idol, the American rapper and record producer. J. Cole!

J.Cole (left) and J-Hope (right) | GREAT MUSIC

Fans and netizens loved the song, but it seems not everyone was a fan of J. Cole who worked with the BTS member.

8th of March, Joe Budden shared a video titled “Joe Budden fires J.Cole for PANDERING after BTS collab”. Joe Budden is a controversial former rapper and podcast host known for his performances Love and hip hop in New York.

Joe Budden | @joebudden/Instagram

At the beginning of the clip, Budden and his co-hosts talk about the recent release from J. Cole, where the artist used a YouTube producer’s beat on a song and said it was “flatter‘ before mentioning BTS as another example of pimping.

He first credits J-Hope as “the K-pop guy who should be in ARMY” before listening to part of the track.

The other presenters admit the song isn’t bad, while Budden does something off-screen. He then holds a plaque that reads “raccoons” written on.

“Coon” is an insult typically used against people of African descent, rooted in anti-Black cartoons. Budden refers to the co-hosts and J.Cole as raccoons for enjoying music featuring J-Hope and challenging their “darkness”.

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To make matters worse, during the latter part of the video, Budden unknowingly tells one of the co-hosts defending the song that BTS often said “n*gga” in songs, likely referring to times when that Korean word was used her is used.

Fans and regular viewers defended J. Cole and J-Hope in comments accompanying the video, citing the BTS member’s longstanding admiration for J. Cole.

| Joe Budden/youtube

| Joe Budden/youtube

| Joe Budden/youtube

This isn’t the first time Joe Budden has said something negative about BTS without being asked. You can read more about the last time below.

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