JinJin writes a touching letter in memory of Moonbin Soompi

JinJin writes a touching letter in memory of Moonbin Soompi

JinJin wrote a letter to Moonbin.

A few weeks ago, ASTRO suffered the pain of losing one of their own as Moonbin’s tragic death hit the K-POP world hard.

If the members of ASTRO had left letters at the memorial intended for Moonbin, the boys have since sent other messages to Moonbin through their social networks.

Such is the case of JinJin, who today posted a message on Instagram addressed to Moonbin, which reads:

“Hello Bin, how are you?

Maybe it’s because every time I look at my gallery you’re there, but I still can’t believe it. I’ll just imagine it like this. I’ll just think I can’t reach you because you’re busy doing things and eating the things you’ve always wanted and you’ll always be with us.

I miss when you always told me that it makes you smile every time you look at me and that you always liked everything I said and that you played most of the pranks on me. I regret not taking your jokes better and laughing more, but then I think of your smiling face and I can’t help but laugh with you. You were so beautiful when you smiled. Do you know that’s true? If you didn’t already know this, I hope you do now.

People around me keep telling me that you visited them in their dreams. Why haven’t you visited me yet? No matter what, I just want to see you once, Bin. I don’t think I’ve ever missed anyone that much, but I wish, if only for one day, that we just had a happy day together.

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I have resumed training for my musical and am preparing well. I think I made the right decision to do a musical because I spend my days being busy and not thinking about things too much, so it was. I feel like the sunbaenims and colleagues all care about me so much. A lot of people you’ve worked with are here and they’ve told me how amazing you are on stage and that they love you. I was so proud to hear they complimented you. You were someone worth loving, Bin. Everyone has been honest with you, and everyone has truly cared about you and loved you. I hope you know now

Bin, my dongsaeng that I love so much, let’s laugh a lot. Let’s laugh while having happy thoughts and happy tidings, and please don’t be hurt, and let’s be happy. I love you my dongsaeng. Good night. »