Jeweler House X Samuel Watimena Collaboration Opens JF3 2022

Jeweler House X Samuel Watimena Collaboration Opens JF3 2022

After the suspension due to the severity of the epidemic, the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JF3) is back. The event was opened by Tamra Nusantara, which is a show that keeps getting better brooch Palace Jeweler X Samuel Wattimena collaboration.

The show started with the Randai dance of West Sumatra and continued with a performance by model Laura Muljadi, followed by a speech by actress Prisia Nasution.

One by one the jewelry model brought jewelry. Because the main focus was on the decoration, products were used in all black including the faces covered with a soft cloth.

Tamra Nusantara represents Palace Jeweler’s jewelry collection which is divided into three categories, namely Nusa, Anta, and Tara. The Nusa series takes on the iconic silhouette, which is a West Sumatran accessory. Then the Anta series is a jewelry collection with the silhouette of mamuli or NTT’s classic jewelry, while the Tara series takes the silhouette of a plate similar to Tanimbar, Maluku.

The collection comes in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Sama’ila admits that he still maintains the original silhouette or the original shape of Nusantara jewelry and gives a little ‘deviation‘.

“The ornament itself has a meaning, the root of the culture has a meaning, if it is done in a drawing, the curve of the drawing is meaningless. But once you hold the root, you will bend it, like fruit, you want it. be something, you want it to be rujak, it still has fruit,” said Samuel in a press conference ahead of the opening ceremony at La Piazza, Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta, Thursday (1/9).

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In addition to revealing the fashion collection, JF3 also presented the Fashion Icon Awards. This time, Sebastian Gunawan was awarded the Fashion Icon Awards (fashion design category), JIM Model (fashion industry category), Julie Estelle (Fashion Icon of the Year).

JF3 itself will be held until Tuesday (6/9) with different fashion shows from local designers and brands.

Some of the names that will live include Wilsen Willim X Ican Harem, 3Second X Danjyohiyoji, Didi Budiardjo, Danny Satriadi, Ghea Panggabean, Ivan Gunawan, Mel Ahyar, and Oemah Etnik.

Changes in JF3 2022

The models offer clothes with unique jewelry from a special collaboration, Fadar Samuel Wattimena with the theme 'Tamra Nusantara' at the opening of the 18th Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JF3) Fashion Festival at La Piazza, Summarecon Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Thursday.  (1/9) (2022).  The 18th exhibition of JF3 carries the theme #CulturalDiversity in support of the country's diverse cultural heritage.  BETWEEN PHOTOS/M Risyal Hidayat/YUExample. Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JF3) 2022 was opened with a collaboration between The Palace Jeweler X Samuel Wattimena. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/M RISYAL HIDAYAT)

With the theme ‘Cultural Diversity’, JF3 2022 wants to present something different from previous years.

The director of JF3 Soegianto Nagaria said that there are many things that have changed, that is the change of the title of Gading Model Search to JF3 Model Search in order to further promote the brand of JF3.

The most obvious change is the separation between fashion and food. This year the event was held alternately, starting with the fashion show and later the cooking event.

“Food and cosmetics are not connected, the tragedy that happened yesterday made me think, it’s good, it’s out. [pesanan] fried rice. So we have to go ahead, focus on cosmetics for six days, and then eat,” he said at the same time.


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