Jessi reveals the real reason she left the Psy Agency’s P-Nation and joined Jay Park’s MORE VISION

Jessi reveals the real reason she left the Psy Agency’s P-Nation and joined Jay Park’s MORE VISION

Following various speculations as to why Jessi left P-Nation, the star has debunked rumors that she parted ways with Psy on bad terms after saying THIS. She also explained the reason why she joined Jay Park’s new label MORE VISION.

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On April 23, KBS 2TV’s The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive featured guest Jessi, who recently signed an exclusive deal with MORE VISION, which is helmed by MC Park Jaebeom himself.

Jessi, in particular, was originally an artist at P-Nation, a company founded by veteran idol Psy. However, the singer decided not to renew her exclusive contract and officially left the agency in July last year.

Since then, despite many love calls from other companies, she no longer works with an agency. It wasn’t until Jay Park offered Jessi to sign with MORE VISION that the singer decided to work with a new label on the 15th.


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During the conversation, Jessi alluded to that real reason She initially decided to stay single without an agency and even left Psy. She says:

“Actually, I wanted to start my own company. But it wasn’t that easy when I tried.”

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This broke rumors that Jessi’s exit from the company didn’t end on a high note, which escalated as HyunA and Dawn followed suit and also broke contracts with Psy.

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There were even reports back then that the three left due to agency abuse and their few releases when they were artists topping the K-pop charts at their peak.

However, Jessi emphasized that she only hopes for a fresh start and hopefully launches her own label.

Jessi explains why she joined Jay Park’s MORE VISION

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(Photo: Jessi (Instagram))

Jessi, who left P-Nation, also explained why she came to MORE VISION amidst big companies trying to sign her to their agencies.

That day, Park introduced Jessi and said:

“She signed with MORE VISION, which I recently founded, and became a member of the family. Jessie has received many love calls from different companies.”

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In response, the “NUNU NANA” singer mentioned the reason she chose the company, saying:

“(I) am the kind of person who resists everything, but this time I thought it would be perfect if I go to Jaebeom. A new beginning. As the first artist.”

Jessi then teased Jay Park about her expectations of him, saying:

“Do it right.”

Park Jay

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Park Jay

In response, Jay Park said:

“I will work hard.”

On the other hand, The Seasons, for which KBS adopted a new annual project methodology, is a talk show produced by dividing the year into four seasons.

Jay Park’s Drive, the first season of The Seasons, ended the same day. Jannabi member Choi Jung Hoon will host the second season of The Seasons.

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