Jérémy Charbonnel, guest of Actuvore #75

Jérémy Charbonnel, guest of Actuvore #75

Les Actuvores on VL presented by Nicolas Nadaud, live on Thursdays from 19:30 to 20:15! Accompanied by his team, the moderator welcomes a guest. The principle ? Play with the news by collecting points in different sections. The columnists and the guest compete to become one of them the actuvore of the week.

Issued on Thursday, February 23, 2023

At the table this week: Kristell Bousteau, Geeta Singh and David Coudyser.

Writing: Simon Soudain, Rémi Barrot and Margot Beysson.

Director: Maxime Postaire

in summary

beads GPT chat

Specific questions about this new artificial intelligence revolutionizing technology.

info or info

The principle ? The actuvores and the guest have to guess whether the information given is true or false.

The interview by Jeremy Charbonnel

Find actor and humorist Jérémy Charbonnel alone on stage New display. All tour dates can be found on his website: jeremycharbonnel.com. The artist is also in the film Your future will be bright by Nicolas Gérard, selected for the Nikon Film Festival.

real or fake

Each actuvore reads an anecdote about the guest of the day and has to say whether it is true or false. The guest reads an anecdote about the show or a member of the team. It’s her turn to say if it’s true or false. If you answer correctly, you can steal a point from your classmates.

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The who said?

The actuvores and the guest must find the authors of quotes from the media.

The blind test of the news

Two song excerpts are listened to. It’s up to the team and the guest to guess what the news is.

The more or less

The actuvores and the guest must answer questions whose answer is a digit or a number. A first person makes a suggestion. If this is not the correct answer, a round table is set up. To find the final result, the moderator indicates each time: more or less.

burst messages

The actuvores and the guest have 30 seconds to correctly answer as many questions as possible about the news.

Scan of Remi Barrot

In his lively chronicle, Rémi Barrot scans the guest from head to toe like a doctor.