Japan recommends Soda Dumpling

Japan recommends Soda Dumpling


The original beverage company Japan launched a dumpling-flavored soda. However, soda Recently it has been criticized as the worst drink because it makes people sick when drinking it.

Launched by Sora News, Sunday (11/9), this drink called Gyoza Cider has an aromatic flavor like a mixture of oil and coconut. It is even said that the smell of Gyoza cider resembles the smell of an old man’s breath after eating Japanese ice cream.

Masanuki Sunakoma, a Sora News reporter who tried the soda said: “It smells like an old man who has eaten dumplings.”

Quoting Oddity Central, Gyoza Cider is a carbonated beverage produced by Nagai Garden, a beverage company located in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. The drink was first launched in 2019 and has since gone viral.

Gyoza cider has a unique aroma that consists of a mixture of chili oil, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Due to the strong smell, Nagai Garden even asked its customers to open the soda bottle outside.

In particular, the company admits that they have deliberately combined this drink with a strange taste. Nagai Garden wants people to be interested in trying it.

This strategy can be said to be successful. Because, many people are eager to try it when this drink is launched.

Those who tried it also gave mixed responses, but generally they said that Gyoza cider smells like grandfather’s breath.

One customer wrote on Twitter that “at first it tasted good, then the garlic and ginger like the ones in the gyoza went down my throat.”

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“I drank after eating and threw up,” another wrote.

This unique drink is unfortunately only available in Japan. However, Gyoza cider can be purchased online from various Japanese online import stores.


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