Japan Changes Laws on Foreign Tourists, When Will Individual Visits Be Allowed?

Japan Changes Laws on Foreign Tourists, When Will Individual Visits Be Allowed?


Prime Minister JapanFumio Kishida, said that his country will allow foreign tourists to come in without any tourist and they are not included in the package. tourism starting from September 7, 2022. However, there is no new policy regarding the admission of any foreign tourists.

Since that day, Japan has raised the limit of arrival to 50 thousand people. This is an important step to restore tourism in the Middle East.

“In the world, international transactions are increasing. We are participating in these exchanges and taking advantage of the weakness of the yen,” said Kishida, as reported by the Reuters news agency. Japan Times.

Kishida will also consider easing additional restrictions based on domestic and foreign conditions. The aim is to coordinate border measures with their G7 counterparts.

Previously, Japan allowed foreign visitors to enter their country from June 2022, but only tourists with tour guides. Despite the announcement to allow entry for unguided tourists, the Japanese government did not provide details on the policy.

This photo taken on September 15, 2017 shows people walking across a zebra crossing at an intersection in Tokyo.  / AFP PHOTO / Kazuhiro NOGIAtmosphere in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo: AFP PHOTO / Kazuhiro NOGI)

However, a government official Japan he explained, in the coming days the policy guidelines will be issued. The new tourism announcement will be good news for Japan’s struggling tourism industry.

Guided tours and strict regulations have proved unpopular with foreign tourists. According to the Japan Immigration Service, in the two months to the end of July 2022, 8,155 foreign tourists visited Japan.

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An online survey conducted in July by tourism marketing firm D2C X found that 72 percent of some 1,700 respondents said they would likely stop visiting Japan if the restrictions remain in place. present day.

Current regulations require foreign tourists to book guided tours. In addition, the process of applying for a visa to Japan also takes time, which makes visitors reluctant to come to the country.

Last week, Kishida said that Japan will suspend the pre-arrival PCR test rule in the Land of the Rising Sun from September 7, 2022. However, the visitor must have three injections of the Covid-19 vaccine.


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