IVE Shares Details About Upcoming Album Release Date Kpop News

IVE Shares Details About Upcoming Album Release Date Kpop News

K-pop girl group IVE has wrapped up filming on the MV for their upcoming song. The full album will be released on various platforms.

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IVE has wrapped up filming for their next MV

On March 16th, Starship Entertainment’s girl group IVE will release a full album in early April.

The girl group’s comeback MV successfully wrapped up filming last week. In the meantime, the six members of IVE are currently focused on preparing for their return to the silver screen. It’s already confirmed that there will be other dates for the girl group after the album release date.

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Leader Ahn Yujin will be away for about a week filming Season 2 of tvN’s Earth Arcade and the group will fly to France to perform on KBS2’s Music Bank in Paris ahead of their scheduled return.

IVE finished filming the music video for the song last week, and this week the band will be recording all of the songs for the new album. Pre-orders are possible from March 21st.

IVE will also be performing in Paris at Music Bank in Paris.

IVE’s next track will be the next song after their hit “After LIKE” which was released 6 months ago with 185 million views on YouTube.

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IVE rises worldwide as a rookie

Six-girl group IVE thrives despite growing competition in the international Korean music industry.

IVE released their debut single “ELEVEN” with their B-side track “Take it”.

The rookie group consists of members Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo under the Starship Entertainment label. The group debuted in 2021 and quickly caught the attention of national and international audiences.

The group’s name was an abbreviation of the word “I Have”. It was based on the concept of confidently showing the public what “I’ve got”. Additionally, trust is the core concept of IVE that led to their debut as a group.


“ELEVEN” was her first single released during her debut. This was followed by “After LIKE”, which appeared on various Billboard charts a week after its release.

On the Billboard USA Global 200 list, “ELEVEN” ranked at #68 for 10 weeks, “LOVE DIVE” at #15 for 26 weeks, and “After LIKE” at #20 for 5 consecutive weeks.

In addition, IVE has achieved success 3 months after the group’s debut. The band was awarded “Best Selling Album” with over 150,000 copies sold.

IVE has also attracted the attention of various local and luxury brands, who have increased their sponsorship deals. As an IVE member, Wonyoung has the biggest promotional brands in the group due to its stunning looks. Many brands have chosen her as an ambassador, including Miu Miu, Innisfree, Krish and Chaumet.

IVE Jang Wonyoung & Girls' Generatin Yoona cause a stir at Miu Miu Show

(Photo: TheQoo)
IVE Jang Wonyoung & Girls’ Generatin Yoona cause a stir at Miu Miu Show

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: DIVE’s Gasp Over IVE Jang Wonyoung Bob-Cut Edit – Does the Style Suit Him?

IVE member Yujin also represents other brands such as Pepsi, Burberry Beauty, Mega Pass and Chanel Beauty. Liz and Rei also had their appreciation due to the cute and innocent looks. In addition, IVE is one of the leading 4th generation girl groups along with ITZY, aespa and other girl groups.

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Thus, the percussive variety of the girl group’s songs, the girls’ standout dance performances, and their undeniably stunning visuals create a synergy that fuels the group’s rapid rise in popularity.

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