IU updates KpopNews.com on his hearing condition

IU updates KpopNews.com on his hearing condition

user interface spoke honestly about his hearing condition.

User Interface | EDAM entertainment

Previously, IU revealed that she has hearing problems. The singer revealed that during her time she struggled with a condition called patular Eustachian tube dysfunction golden hour concert last year. After Hopkins medicineThe disorder causes one to hear oneself too loud, causing embarrassment.

User Interface | @_IUofficial/Twitter

I have a little problem with my ear, so I was very nervous preparing for this concert.

— User Interface

The singer spoke in more detail about her condition in a documentary she shot while preparing for the aforementioned concert.

IU has her ears checked | EDAM entertainment

My ears have been hurting a bit lately. My ears open on their own, so I hear similar to yawning. When I hear myself sing it gets too loud and it rings.

— User Interface

When asked how her audition was going now, IU responded with good news.

He’s improved a lot. To be honest it was getting better then (last year) but an unexpected heatwave came along. Since it was September, I was wearing a cardigan and due to an unexpected heat wave, I was sweating a lot, which I thought was bad for my ears.

— User Interface

IU went on to reveal the precautionary measures she is taking to ensure her condition continues to improve.

This is a little off topic, but I’ve heard allergy sprays are bad (to my ears). As I have allergies I use the spray often but try to use it less after hearing that it is bad for my ears.

— User Interface

Hopefully IU will make a full recovery soon.

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