IU and Park Bo Gum infuriate tourists for disrupting festival

IU and Park Bo Gum infuriate tourists for disrupting festival

IU and Park Bo Gum’s upcoming K-drama You Have Done Well has sparked anger from tourists who couldn’t fully enjoy the Gochang Barley Field Festival due to a filming dispute with the event.

Unexpected Shooting Conflict: IU and the Tourists from Angers of Park Bo Gum’s K-Drama

A tourist visited an online community on April 26 with a post titled “Harassment while filming a drama at the Gochang Barley Festival.”

The author shared his experience of visiting the festival to take photos of the canola blossoms, only to find his plans thwarted by a dramatic filming session.

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Park Bo Gum

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Park Bo Gum

They write:

“On the 19th, I attended the Gochang Barley Festival, but the rapeseed flower field was filmed. It was too far to identify the actors.”

The tourist added that a staff member stopped them when they tried to enter the rapeseed flower field to take photos.

“While I was walking through the rape field trying to take photos, an employee stopped me and explained that a drama was being filmed there. When I tried to take a picture from a different angle, they yelled at me not to take pictures.”

The frustrated tourist expressed his disappointment and confusion at not being able to fully enjoy the tourist attraction.

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IU and Park Bo Gum’s K-Drama Production Team Responds to Soompi

The filmed K-drama was later confirmed as You Have Done Well starring IU and Park Bo Gum. It has been reported that the area where the festival and filming overlap is private property, and the Gochang-gun office that organized the festival had no knowledge of the filming schedules.

Tourists angry at IU and Park Bo-gum for disrupting Gochang Barley Field Festival

Gochang barley field festival poster

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On the other hand, the production team of You Did Well did sign a deal with the owner of the site and filming continued as planned. The owner took note of the contract and mentioned that the production company and the tourists were asked for their understanding.

The You Have Done Well production team apologized for the inconvenience.

“We sincerely apologize to everyone who encountered any inconvenience due to our filming. While we have endeavored to reduce disruption by prioritizing safety and avoiding potential spoilers, we apologize for not being more considerate of visitors who took the time despite their busy schedules. to the region.”

They also promised to be more careful when filming in the future.

You Did Right: IU and Park Bo Gum’s K-drama features an intriguing character dynamic

The captivating characters of Ae Soon (IU) and Gwan Shik (Park Bo Gum) will delight viewers with their distinctive personalities and touching love story.

Ae Soon, full of rebellious spirit, is paradoxically nervous every time she rebels. Despite her humble origins, she still exudes a positive attitude and dreams of becoming a poet, despite not being able to go to school. This courageous character never holds back her emotions, making her a fascinating protagonist.

IU, in a pure white dress...Blue Dragon Film Awards Popularity Award Trophy
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Park Bo Gum and Bae Suzy were spotted filming

(Photo: Park Bo Gum)

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On the other hand, Gwan Shik is a hardworking and reserved person who struggles with romantic interactions. He doesn’t know how to react when Ae Soon shows his feelings, whether he’s crying or laughing.

Nonetheless, Gwan Shik is a quiet warrior who loves Ae Soon from the start and is wholeheartedly devoted to their relationship. The contrasting personalities of these two characters will no doubt create an engaging and heartwarming romantic story that audiences will enjoy.

Despite the controversy, anticipation remains high for You Have Done Well, due out around 2025 and starring two of Korea’s most popular actors, IU and Park Bo Gum.

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