IU and Chen Zhuoxuan wore the same dress but had completely different vibes Kpop News

IU and Chen Zhuoxuan wore the same dress but had completely different vibes Kpop News

K-pop idols often wear clothes that were popular in Korea and generally fashionable at the time. Sometimes a particular designer’s clothes are in fashion around the world, leading to international celebrities and K-pop idols wearing the same outfit.

This could have led to this user interface and Chinese actress and singer chen zhuoxuan (Also known as Crystal Chen) wear the same dress!

user interface

chen zhouxuan

The two stars wore the dress from the ‘Provocation of New Colors’ collection in grey-green, which the Korean designer created Choi JaeHoon created. The dress is only available in store by appointment. The dress, as worn by the model, is slightly see-through and has a long train.

| Choi JaeHoon

IU wore the dress to the Cannes Film Festival and altered it slightly so that it was strapless.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

This was probably done to draw attention to the gorgeous and insanely expensive jewelry that accompanied her look. The user interface uses the CHAUMET Josephine Eternal Duo Earrings ($23,000) and a diamond necklace from the same brand ($88,862).

Chen Zhuoxuan is known to have attended Production warehouse 2020 and later debut in the winning group Good good girls 303as well as appearances in Chinese dramas the indomitable Oui I prefer myself.

Chen Zhouxuan brought the dress to Starry Night Red carpet event and style similar to IU except for slightly longer sleeves.

Her hair was also swept up with statement jewelry to complement the outfit, including the The Long Pavé Magniphaesant Necklace to water steven webster, which retails for $33,000.

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The two gorgeous women rocked the look, but do you have a favorite style?

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