IU A North Korean spy? Netizens stunned by ridiculous leaflets accusing singer – Kpopnews

IU A North Korean spy? Netizens stunned by ridiculous leaflets accusing singer – Kpopnews

An extremist group in South Korea has stunned the public after claiming the singer and actor user interface is a North Korean spy.

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Recently, Korean internet communities came across a nonsensical document claiming that IU is a spy working for North Korea. The flyer also describes her as a protagonist of the 2015 Daejang-dong scandal, where Lee Jae MyungThen the city’s mayor was accused of supporting a private company in exchange for personal financial benefits.

The flyer targeted several unfounded allegations against IU | ppomppu.co.kr

The flyer was reportedly distributed in a building’s underground car park and leaked onto the internet from there. It starts with a caption stating that she was the main character of Daejang-dong. The rest of the content is just as vicious, if not more vicious, claiming the singer is one of the North’s top spies with political ties to the South Korean government. Another similar leaflet claimed that “South Korea will die if it doesn’t listen” to her.

The leaflet was probably distributed in an underground car park | ppomppu.co.kr
Another document against IU | ppomppu.co.kr

There are also sections in the flyer that say “Sex Girl” and screenshots from an old video of her being hit by a plastic bottle at a concert in China.

| ppomppu.co.kr
| ppomppu.co.kr

The document also claims that North Korea is conducting biochemical experiments in South Korea to test people in “Fool.

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Netizens are stunned by this unjustified and ridiculous hatred spewed at the singer. Of course, no one could take the allegations seriously.

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  • “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s even funnier because it’s written so seriously, but man, that’s rude.”
  • “These right-wing extremists are not only hopeless, they are also brainless.”
  • “Bloody mockery.”
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| news.nate.com
  • “It’s fucking boring LOL.”
  • “It’s a certain level of JMS ridiculousness.”
  • “Shouldn’t the IU agency immediately sue for defamation?”

Although the provenance of these documents is unclear, most comments seem to agree that the source was a far-right group.

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