ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to Donuts

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to Donuts

Fans were surprised by the appearance of ITZY members on stage. In addition to their energetic and interesting style, these five women have perfect curves.

In addition to weight management through exercise, girl group produced by JYP Entertainment is also planning a meal plan. It was reported korean, this is the food menu for the five ITZY members, from breakfast to dinner!

1. Spicy

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to

Yeji started by drinking mineral water and eating watermelon. During the day, sometimes he chooses to eat meat, but the most important thing is to have three sauces, namely mayonnaise, mustard and peanut sauce.

As for snacks, watermelon is still Yeji’s favorite. And for dinner, a salad with the addition of a small piece of meat such as breast or chicken wings is a favorite.

2. Liya

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to

When she doesn’t have a schedule, Lia will wake up a little late, around 12-1pm. As soon as he wakes up, he chooses a simple lunch, like smooth it’s fresh fruit. This is followed by a healthy meal, such as cherry tomatoes drizzled with honey or balsamic vinegar.

Lia also revealed that she often makes donuts as a snack. But not more than one was consumed. As for dinner, kimchi fried rice is an option supper. Don’t forget the bonus mozzarella and warmed in the microwave for a few seconds.

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3. Ryujin

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to

If Ryujin says he wakes up around 10 to 11 in the morning, and the first thing he drinks is cold water with ice. After that, Ryujin will do it eat hard with vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms, onions and scallions. One that should not be left behind is the oyster sauce to taste.

For a snack, dance leader He likes candy or jelly. And like the previous members, salad is Ryujin’s favorite meal.

4. Chaeryeong

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to

Like Ryujin, Chaeryeong starts the day with a glass of water. He needs to drink a lot of water to absorb more, so he feels full without food. Well, for lunch, he likes meat, but sometimes he wants to eat ice cream. The only rule is that she does not eat spicy and salty food.

Chaeryeong didn’t say for sure what she ate for dinner, but considering that most of the members like salad, this is probably her choice.

5. Yuna

ITZY-style Eating Secrets Revealed, From Salads to

Yuna doesn’t say what she eats for breakfast, but for lunch, this maknae really likes beef, pasta, hamburgers, and pizza. When Yuna wants to eat on the go, French fries are her number one choice.

For dinner, Yuna likes to eat salad and chicken breast with some soup. He also tries not to eat after eight o’clock at night.

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