ITZY Ryujin, aespa Karina, plus ! • Kpop News

ITZY Ryujin, aespa Karina, plus ! • Kpop News

Many of our favorite idols belong to groups that have managed to take the K-pop scene by storm. But many of them were already popular at school, even before their apprenticeship!

Some fourth-generation artists are so young that they end up striking the balance between idol life and academic life. To see how far they have come in the industry is quite amazing and they need to be acknowledged.

Here are 6 fourth-generation female K-pop idols who were popular at school!

1. ITZY Ryujin

(Photo: Facebook: ITZY)

While Ryujin may be famous for his boyish charm and love personality in ITZY, the idol was also popular during his school days. The ITZY lead rapper attended the Hanlim Multi Arts School in South Korea. According to many MIDZYs, Ryujin was popular because of his looks and choice of clothing. The idol was also held in high esteem because of her natural personality.

2. aespa Karina

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(Photo: Karina (MHN Sports))

Karina joining aespa was a monumental step for the group due to her hard work and beauty. With these aspects baked into her, it’s no surprise that she was popular at school back then too!

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Since her debut with aespa’s “Black Mamba”, Karina has influenced the entire K-Pop industry with her presence. Karina was so popular that she was even able to do other promotions before her debut, such as her stage performances in SHINee Taemin’s “Want” era.

3.Yuna ITZY


(Photo: Instagram:

Yuna is the youngest member of ITZY, which also adds to her popularity. But even at school she was popular with her classmates and school acquaintances. In February 2019, MIDZYs discovered an old website from Yuna’s school department from 2014, where students are allowed to compliment everyone.

In the comments, Yuna’s classmates gave nothing but praise. Yuna always smiled at the others on campus and even praised them for studying hard. According to the comments, some of her classmates claimed Yuna was nice enough to teach some of them math.

Aside from being the sunshine at school, Yuna was also known for her history in floorball, which she showed her passion for before being discovered by JYP Entertainment.

4. EVERGLOW billion

EVERGLOW billion

(Photo: Instagram: @official_everglow)

Mia from EVERGLOW isn’t shy about flaunting her amazing voice and looks, which she’s popular for. She was also popular during her school days due to her charming personality and fierce looks.

5. Jaehee hebdomadaire


(Photo: Twitter Weekly)

Weekekly Jaehee is known for filming her vlogs during school days. The idol isn’t shy about showing her appreciation for her classmates and letting fans know how school life makes her feel.

6. fromis_9 Jiheon

fromis_9 Jiheon

(Photo: Instagram: @jiheonnibaek)

Fans agree on how unforgettable fromis_9 Jiheon is during her high school days. While most of the idols documented how their day was going, Jiheon took vlogging to the next level, which was praised by fans.

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Jiheon leaves the camera to accompany her for 5 hours just to record her learning. Netizens commented on how hardworking Jiheon is and stressed how difficult it is for someone to balance a career and education.

Do you know any other fourth generation female K-pop idols that are popular at school? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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