ITZY Chaeryeong is praised for improved visuals after these changes Kpop News

ITZY Chaeryeong is praised for improved visuals after these changes Kpop News

Contrasting with the hateful comments former IZ*ONE Chaeyeon is receiving for her recent visuals, her younger sister ITZY Chaeryeong is garnering admiration for her “upgraded” visuals.

On March 6, ITZY Chaeryeong became the talk of the town after netizens and K-pop fans took notice of his recent performance.

(Photo: ITZY Chaeryeong (Pann Nate | Kpop Wiki))

On web forums, netizens shared before-and-after photos of the female idol, pointing out that Chaeryeong has really blossomed into a prettier star compared to when she debuted.

In the past, the “Cheshire” singer was initially heavily criticized for her appearance, which did not conform to the usual Korean beauty look. Despite being a top “dance machine” with an impressive voice, Chaeryeong has often been overlooked due to debate over her looks.

ITZY Chaeryeong, 'Studio Dance' voted Artist of the Month for August

(Photo: ChaeryeongInstagram)

ITZY Chaeryeong

(Photo: ITZYInstagram)

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However, the female idol didn’t pay attention to people putting her down, instead working harder in response. With her perseverance and confidence, Chaeryeong became one of the “4th Generation K-Pop Queens” with her group ITZY.

ITZY Chaeryeong reveals honest thoughts on group concepts - here's what she had to say

(Photo: Twitter ITZY)
ITZY Chaeryeong

Views and opinions on her paintings have also evolved in a positive direction. People praised her slim and physique goals and voted her one of the “best body management” idols among young stars. Specifically, Chaeryeong shared that she is on a diet and exercising. People think it has really contributed to their healthier appearance.

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Other fans also pointed out that her beauty was shown off even more when she dyed her hair black. Since the “WANNABE” singer has fair skin, her black hair turned her into a princess like Snow White.

ITZY Chaeryeong is catching attention after the latest visuals — here's why

(Photo: Chaeryeong (Twitter))

ITZY caught up with IVE, NewJeans in the 'Hemeko' controversy

(Photo: Chaeryeong (MHN Sports))

Of course, there are netizens who have claimed that Chaeryeong underwent plastic surgery to maintain her current look, but fans pointed out that the changes in her facial features weren’t so drastic that they would believe she disappeared under the scalpel .

People left comments like:

  • “She went on a diet and her style changed a lot too. It only made her prettier.”
  • “I’m sure it’s his dark hair. It makes her face shine and it suits her really well.”
  • “Whether she’s had plastic surgery or not, I think she’s naturally pretty and I love that.”
  • “As if dying her hair black is a godsend, her face looks a lot cleaner and more mysterious. You look like a really cute desert fox.”

ITZY continues its “CHECKMATE” world tour in Asia

ITZY's first world tour concert in Hong Kong is sold out... More performances confirmed

(Photo: Twitter ITZY)

Meanwhile, ITZY, the group that includes Chaeryeong, continues to cement their status as “the world’s favorite K-pop girl group” with their 2022-2023 ITZY THE FIRST WORLD TOUR: CHECKMATE tour.

Beginning with a performance in Seoul in August 2022, ITZY will embark on their first world tour 20 times, covering 16 regions around the world.

ITZY's first world tour concert in Hong Kong is sold out... More performances confirmed

(Photo: Twitter ITZY)

The US tour, which concluded in eight US regions from October to November last year, has come to an end and the Asian tour was held in Manila, Philippines on January 14-15, 2023, on February 28 in Singapore , Jakarta, successfully conducted February 4 and Chiba, Japan on February 22-23. His concert in Taipei on February 26 was also a success.

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After a few days of rest, the team will continue their solo concerts on March 11th and 12th in Hong Kong and on April 8th in Bangkok, Thailand.

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