“It’s time to prepare” • Kpopnews

“It’s time to prepare” • Kpopnews

BTS J-Hope’s recording date has been announced. In his latest live stream, the singer-rapper revealed details of his upcoming break.

BTS J-Hope Recruitment: Idol Reveals Date ‘is Out’ And Asks Jin For Advice

On March 17, BTS J-Hope shared details of his military service status with ARMYs during his live stream on fan community platform Weverse.

However, J-Hope didn’t mention when exactly that would be, but said he would be preparing for it soon.

“I cannot tell you in detail, but the date (entry) is already known. It’s time to prepare.”

In February, J-Hope applied to have his suspension of military service revoked. However, he was convinced since BTS member Jin is currently serving in the military.

“Ever since Jin walked in, I’ve been thinking about when to do it. But then I decided to do it so I can come back as soon as possible and show a better picture.”

(Photo: Instagram: @uarmyhope)

J-Hope also shared that he had already spoken to his co-member and Hyung Jin. He mentioned that as soon as the draft came out, J-Hope called Jin and asked for various advice he needed. He also told ARMYs during the live stream to look forward to it.

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J-Hope also claimed that his goal isn’t to age in his military service, but to come back and stay in good shape.

BTS J-Hope and Jimin visit Jin at a military base

Jin shared on his Instagram that fellow members J-Hope and Jimin visited him on March 4th and shared a sneak peek of their reunion with ARMY on Instagram.

The photo showed Jin in his uniform, looking handsome and healthy. Jimin and J-Hope stand next to him and seem happy to see their brother.

BTS Jin began his military service in December 2022 in Gyeonggi province, near the border with North Korea. His service is expected to end in June 2024.

BTS J-Hope’s “On the Street” hits the Billboard Hot 100

BTS J-Hope released his single with J.Cole “On the Street” on March 2nd. As expected, the track peaked at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 due to the unexpected collaboration between the two stars.

This is the second time J-Hope has entered the Billboard Hot 100. His collaboration with Becky G, “Chicken Noodle Soup,” also ranked #81 in 2019 and garnered 9.7 million streams in the US.

BTS member J-Hope’s pre-released songs “PLUS” and “Arson” from his latest album Jack In The Box also entered the same chart.

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