“It’s not just products.”

“It’s not just products.”

During the last two years little entertainment have done a lot of research on the idea of ​​personal AIs and other forms of artificial intelligence. With the beginnings of Aespawho each have an e-version of themselves and characters like naevis In their tradition, the direction SM is taking is easy to see.

aespa and its versions ae. | little entertainment

Lately, NKT opened hers HOME exposed and accidentally started a conversation about their companies’ handling of K-pop idols.

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As part of the exhibition, fans were able to interact with members via an interactive touch screen poster. As fans ran their fingers over the poster, the NCT member blinked, smiled and nodded his head as if it were real.

Fans had mixed feelings about the AI ​​posters, with many calling them “creepy” due to the way they could be manipulated.

Now SM Entertainment has taken the idea to the next level and introduced app versions of each member’s AI. For $12.99, fans can download the app to their phone and “meet and interact” with the member of their choice.

The description of each application states: “Not only can you meet your artists, you can move them.

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Fans found this even more disturbing than the limited-time posters. With these apps, fans can have a controllable version of their favorite member in their pocket for as long as they want.

Some NCTzens have even posted reviews saying they won’t endorse the app because it dehumanizes artists.

As the lines between consent and AI continue to blur, fans worry it could encourage some fans to feel like the band are easy-to-manipulate commodities rather than artists with their own feelings.

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