It was 1982… the theatrical release of ET the Extra-Terrestrial

It was 1982… the theatrical release of ET the Extra-Terrestrial

What is “Where did ET go?” is about Childhood after Spielberg » ? Steven Spielberg revolutionized entertainment cinema in 1982 with “ET, the Extra-Terrestrial” by directing the blockbuster of childhood. 40 years later, this universal tale of an alien who must return home and a child who refuses to grow up, the size of a child, inspires an entire generation rocked by the world of film. Behind the Hollywood Machine and its derivative products lies an immortal modern story with philosophical questions: How can one grow up without betraying the child in us? The documentary takes us to Los Angeles in the footsteps of Henry Thomas, who played the young Elliot, revealing the secrets of making the iconic doll and decoding the moving symphonies of John Williams. Using archives and excerpts from the film, filmmakers, artists and the best specialists attempt to answer the haunting question: where did ET go?

Everything you need to be successful

The film ET the extraterrestrial by Steven Spielberg pulled everything together to become one of the most iconic sci-fi films in cinema history. The story of this little alien with big blue eyes has influenced many children, but also appealed to older audiences. The film had everything to offer: emotion, humor and, above all, full of special effects. Upon its release, Steven Spielberg’s film was a hit and received critical acclaim. The famous scene in which we see ET passing in front of the moon will mark the history of cinema around the world.

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The most successful film of all time

1982, during the film’s first screening at the Cannes Film Festival, George Lucas, the creator of the saga war of starssays:

“It’s really extraordinary. It will explode the box office. I’m sure ET will easily beat Star Wars.”

George Luke

As a matter of fact, ET the extraterrestrial exploded and exceeded war of stars at the checkout. It topped the worldwide box office for 11 years before being beaten Jurassic Park, another Steven Spielberg film. It became the highest-grossing film of all time: $792 million in box office receipts for an estimated budget of $10.5 million. The film’s success is so important that it resulted in two theatrical releases, in 1985 and 2002, with some adaptations.

A multiple award-winning film

ET the Extra-Terrestrial has obviously been awarded several famous awards in the world of cinema. In 1983, the film won a total of 4 Oscar nominations out of 9: Best Original Score, Best Sound, Best Special Effects and Best Mixing. It was also nominated in larger categories such as Best Picture, but did not win. However, that same year he won the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film. Spielberg’s masterpiece has won more than 30 awards worldwide.

There could have been a sequel…

A few weeks after the film hit theaters, Spielberg and his co-writer Melissa Mathison credited a sequel ET the extraterrestrial. titled the latter ET II: Nocturnal Fears, set in the summer after the events of the first film. Steven Spielberg was aware that this sequel wouldn’t add much to the story. So he decides not to do it. There was therefore no cinematic sequel, but a novel was published in 1985: ET: the green planet allowing fans to learn more about the aliens.

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