It turns out that it’s not just wood, so what do ants eat?

It turns out that it’s not just wood, so what do ants eat?

What a sad person inside Solo, Central Java. Money saved for about 2.5 years is consumed by ants. But nails What are you eating?

The fees are also very high, about Rp. 50 million which has been saved for Hajj.

Unfortunately, the money deposited in the plastic piggy bank was damaged by ants. But ants don’t eat and destroy wood, can ants really eat money?

So far, all you know is that ants only eat and destroy wood. Starting from a table, card, or chair made of wood. In fact, these ants are destructive insects.

But in fact there are many things besides wood that ants can eat. These are the things that ants attack in houses:

What do ants eat?

1. Paper, cardboard and books

Books or paper are often attacked by ants. You know half of your favorite book is missing because it’s being eaten away.

Launched by Horizon Pest Control, this is not surprising, because paper is actually made of wood, cellulose to be exact. Cellulose is a material in wood that is preferred by ants.

2. Shirt

First the ants come in and destroy your bedroom, eventually they will move to your clothes and destroy them. Unlike books or paper, clothes also prefer steam because they contain cellulose.

3. Money

Of course, paper money is susceptible to ants. As we know, paper is made from wood and definitely contains cellulose.

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All ants get their nutrition from cellulose. Based on different sources, cellulose is a type of sugar, known as polysaccharide.

Trees, plants, and other living things contain cellulose.

This is why ants eat wood and other plant material, such as leaves. These compounds can also be found in other products, from pharmaceuticals to plastics.

In your house, what do ants eat?

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