It is often considered ‘the package’, but HIV and AIDS are different

It is often considered ‘the package’, but HIV and AIDS are different

Bandung it’s in the spot. This is based on the release of information on hundreds of students affected by AIDS in Bandung.

Actually HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. People who are infected with HIV do not necessarily have AIDS, but on the other hand, if you have AIDS, you must have AIDS.

Thousands of people suffering from AIDS in Bandung are not only students. There are also married women of many years who are infected with this disease. Although literally thousands of people are said to be suffering from AIDS, this is a collection of data from 1992-2021.

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS?

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus It is a virus that destroys the human immune system. This makes people more susceptible to illness.

Based on different sources, HIV works by disrupting certain genes in the human immune system. Most people living with HIV are asymptomatic and feel well.

If this virus enters your body, then HIV will never go away. However, with regular treatment you can reduce the chances of spreading this disease to others, and keep your condition stable.

Without treatment, HIV can lead to AIDS. But with drugs, HIV positive people can live longer, healthier lives and stop the spread of HIV to others.

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So what is AIDS?

According to the NHS, AIDS or immunodeficiency syndrome is the name used to describe a number of infections and diseases that are life-threatening. This disease can occur when the HIV virus damages the immune system.

Unlike HIV, AIDS cannot be spread from one person to another, but the AIDS virus, HIV, can.

HIV and AIDS are not the same thing, and people with HIV do not always have AIDS.

Over time, HIV without treatment destroys an important type of cell in the immune system called the CD4 cell or T cell. These bacteria are useful to protect you from infection.

When you don’t have enough of these CD4 cells, your body can’t fight infection as well as it normally does. At this time, AIDS can occur.

AIDS is the most severe stage of HIV, and can lead to death over time.

When do people with HIV get AIDS?

Without treatment, it can take up to 10 years to reverse HIV infection. Treatment reduces the damage caused by the virus and can help people stay healthy for years.

An example of an HIV testPhoto: Istockphoto/Andy
An example of an HIV test

So how do you get HIV so that it can be prevented and not become AIDS?

The main spread of this virus is through sex. Because HIV can be transmitted through semen, genital fluid, rectal secretions, blood, and breast milk.

Bacteria can also enter through wounds and mucosa in the body. In particular, these are the ways of HIV transmission that you may notice.

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– Having sex in the vagina or anus
– Share needles when using drugs or getting tattoos.
– Use of illegal drugs.
– Pregnant or lactating women with HIV can give it to their babies.

This is the explanation of HIV/AIDS in Bandung which is currently being widely discussed.


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