It is not proven that it cures disease, how much does hydrogen gas cost?

It is not proven that it cures disease, how much does hydrogen gas cost?

Viral inhalation therapy hydrogen by the mothers’ group. So how much does it cost to inhale hydrogen gas, which is currently infectious?

Hydrogen inhalation therapy is claimed to cure hundreds of diseases. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

Pulmonologist Erlang Samoedro also said that hydrogen inhalation therapy is only an additional treatment, not the main treatment.

“Because it’s also medicine, well, that’s just more medicine. Yes, it’s okay to give it, not to give it, it’s not good,” Erlang said when contacted., Monday (5/9).

Regarding the price, browsing through the various online shopping sites that sell hydrogen inhalation kits is actually quite a good idea. The equipment is priced in the millions.

For example, in an online shopping site, a hydrogen inhaler containing Hydro-Gen Fountain Pem, that is a hydrogen water bottle containing an inhaler, is sold for IDR 6.7 million.

On other shopping centers that only sell bottles without other accessories, the price is Rp. 1.1 million. This price is only for 380 ml bottles.

The price varies, depending on the brand and the store. As for the price range, the average price is one million and above. No hydrogen therapy device costs less than a million.

Hydrogen therapy has not actually been proven to be effective in curing the disease. Even lung expert Erlina Burhan said that the claim that this drug can cure up to 170 diseases is an exaggeration.

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“It is excessive Well, there is no evidence to show that any disease can be cured with this medicine,” he said when contacted.


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