It is best to store eggs in the refrigerator, but there are conditions

It is best to store eggs in the refrigerator, but there are conditions

Store statistics It turns out that it cannot be random. There are ways to store eggs that need attention.

Those of you who like to sock eggs at home may want to store them in the refrigerator. The goal is, so the eggs are durable and don’t run too fast. Especially now, when the price of eggs is rising.

Eggs are still expensive. Even in some traditional markets in Jakarta, the price has skyrocketed to Rp32,000 per kilo.

But, is storing eggs in the refrigerator a wise choice?

A nutrition expert at RSIA Melinda Bandung, Johanes Casay Chandrawinata said storing eggs in the refrigerator is a wise choice. The reason is that eggs need a good cold temperature, which is between 4-8 degrees Celsius.

“The cold weather is useful in reducing the number of bacteria in the egg, one of which is Salmonella which is dangerous if people eat it,” said Johanes when contacted. CNNIndonesia.comWednesday (31/8).

On the other hand, if the eggs are kept in a room, it is easy for bacteria to breed. Eggs can also quickly rot and spoil.

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How To Store Eggs In The Refrigerator

Choosing to store eggs in the refrigerator is really the right thing to do. But it turns out that there are many ways to store eggs in the refrigerator that are correct.

Here are the do’s and don’ts.

1. Do not store eggs in the refrigerator door

an egg in the refrigeratorExample. There are ways to store eggs in the refrigerator that need to be followed. (iStockphoto/okanmetin)

The refrigerator door often provides a place to store eggs. Not a few have left eggs on the door on purpose. In fact, this method, according to Johanes, is wrong.

The reason, changes in the temperature in the door of the refrigerator is easy to happen. This causes the eggs to spoil because they are often in a place where the temperature changes easily.

“It is good to store eggs in the refrigerator, but not in it freezerwhose temperature is stable between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius,” said Johanes.

2. The egg does not need to be washed

Some people may think that washed eggs are healthier and cleaner. In fact, this method is dangerous because it can open the doors in the shell of the egg and facilitate the entry of bacteria.

“Especially if you wash with soap, this is not possible at all,” he said.

3. Do not leave eggs in the open

Store eggs in the refrigerator, complete with a carton that is usually an egg carton when purchased. That is, the eggs do not need to be removed first from the box. Just store it in the fridge.

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According to Johanes, the presence of cardboard can prevent bacteria or other bacteria from entering the egg.

However, if the eggs are not in a carton, it is better to store them in a tightly closed container. A useful way to keep eggs from mixing with other odors in the refrigerator.

4. Pay attention to the expiration date

Like other foods, eggs also have an expiration date. If you buy eggs, it’s a good idea to ask when they expire.

5. Monitor the storage status

You can usually store eggs however you like. Some come out lower or vice versa. In fact, the way eggs are stored is important because it can affect the quality of what’s inside the egg.

“It’s good if the small egg that comes out is on the bottom, and the big round one on top. This is the decoration inside the egg, yes, because the egg is in the middle.” He said.


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