Is there a K-pop fandom in the list? • Kpop News

Is there a K-pop fandom in the list? • Kpop News

ARMYs, BTS fans, are responding positively to UberFacts’ “The Most Negative Fanbases” ranking.

The BTS fandom known as ARMY rejoices after UberFacts unveiled a graphic highlighting the most negative fandoms on social media.

UberFacts has published two charts, one listing the most positive fanbases online, with One Direction fans ranked highest, and another listing the most negative fanbases online, which ranks Rihanna’s fanbase as the most negative. Both rankings do not include K-pop fandoms.

Rankings are determined based on the language used by fans online. While there have been mixed reactions to the rankings, ARMYs are particularly pleased with the results.


Among K-pop idol fandoms, ARMYs have often been criticized and accused of being “toxic and aggressive” by those who aren’t fans of the group. As a result, ARMYs were pleased to discover that they were not on the “negative fanbase” list. This suggests that ARMYs are more likely to use positive language online.

Source: Koreaboo.

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