Is Rosé’s voice really BLACKPINK’s best? BLINK debate following recent performance Kpop News

Is Rosé’s voice really BLACKPINK’s best? BLINK debate following recent performance Kpop News

After a recent live performance, BLINKS (BLACKPINK fans are wondering if Rosé’s voice really is the best of the bunch. With multiple sources praising her incredible voice and dance moves, the debate has heated up. What fans and internet users say:

BLACKPINK’s top singer

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Is Rosé’s voice really BLACKPINK’s best? BLINK debate after the last performance

Some fans and netizens agree that Rosé’s voice caught the eye during the performance. One fan commented: “Your voice is truly amazing. I think Rosé has the best voice in the group.”

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Others shared this sentiment with comments such as “BLACKPINK’s only hope and artist, Rosé” and “Rosé’s voice is like a treasure that plays a crucial role in setting BLACKPINK apart from other girl groups.”

Live Members Singing Skill Ranking

One netizen shared his opinion on the ranking of the members’ live singing skills: “In my opinion the ranking is Rosé >>>>> >> Jennie > Jisoo > Lisa.” Others agreed that Rosé’s solo scene and the “Lovesick Girls “ scene were the best.


Rosé: a thoroughbred performer

Rosé is not only known for her extraordinary voice, but also for her impressive dancing ability. A source credits her for taking on tough choreography while maintaining excellent vocal control. Memorable moments include her floor slides and crawls during performances “BOMBAYAH” and “As If It’s Your Last”.

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Overcome difficult choreographies

During the promotion of “BOOMBAYAH,” Rosé had to perform an intricate dance move that caused her to slide onto the floor on her back as she sang. Many think singing in this position is difficult, but Rosé delivered great vocals despite the difficult choreography. In “As If It’s Your Last” she had to crawl on the floor live, which is no small feat either. Despite this, Rosé’s voice remained strong and steady, and her movements were fluid.


The “Golden Voice of Korea”

Rosé has been dubbed the “Golden Voice of Korea” for her distinct, soulful and deep voice, which brings strong emotion to her songs. Fans raved about her performance, with one saying: “Every time I see Rosé’s ‘Hard to Love’ performance I am amazed at how good she is. His voice remained stable even after all the walks and dances! Person”

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Another fan commented, “No backtracking, no lip syncing, just pure, steady, even vocals. Rosé, you will always be one of the best singers in K-pop.”

Praise from non-fans

Even those who don’t call themselves fans of rosé can’t deny his immense talent. One person shared, “I’m not her fan but her singing skills and stage mannerisms are absolutely stunning.” This vibe underscores the impact of Rosé’s performance on fans and non-fans alike.

While opinions can differ as to who has the best voice in BLACKPINK, there’s no denying that Rosé’s voice and dancing skills left a lasting impression on fans and netizens alike. As the debate rages on, Rosé’s talent and dedication to her craft will no doubt continue to shine, making her a standout member of the group.

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