Is it true that polygamy can be a solution to prevent HIV infection?

Is it true that polygamy can be a solution to prevent HIV infection?

Notice Deputy governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum regarding polygamy and HIV got a lot of feedback. According to Uu, instead of letting them ‘eat unattended’, it is better to let the men do it. polygamy to prevent HIV infection.

There are not a few who disagree. For example, Sid – not his real name, believes that polygamy will not make a husband stop eating snacks.

According to him, if a person wants to eat snacks or have free sex with anyone, even marrying three or four women will not change anything.

“If the real desire for sex is too much. yesnot effect. Instead of polygamy, it is better to have sex education, education to use condoms for example,” he said while talking to him. CNNIndonesia.comTuesday (30/8).

As for Sid, Dom also disagrees with Uu. According to him, the ‘snack’ is a natural thing, not to get rid of dissatisfaction with his wife.

“Satisfaction, kinn, there is no limit. [Kalau] satisfaction from a snack, nahe’s being followed,” said Dom when he met him separately.

Unlike Sid and Dom, Neb at least agrees to accept Uu. In Islam, men are taught to control their desires. Currently, for men, women are the biggest test.

Nab said, no matter how big a Muslim man’s faith is, it will be a test if he deals with women. When various methods have been tried but the desire cannot be overcome, polygamy is the last resort.

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“That is this able to doit emphasizes the lack of relationship [seks] accident Except for the woman. [Kalau poligami] na, first wife, second wife and so on. What we do know is that HIV originates from free sex, changing partners. This, able to dono,” he said when contacted separately.

Polygamy is not the solution

GOING TO Malaysia-Islam-Marriage to death COURTESY Sarah Stewart This photo taken on January 26, 2010 shows Mohamad Ikram Ashaari (L), 41, talking to his four wives at their house in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur.  The family is among the growing number of Malaysians entering polygamy, a phenomenon that is said to be on the rise. Example. Polygamy obviously cannot be a solution to prevent the spread of AIDS. (SAEED KHAN/AFP)

The speech on HIV/AIDS came after the Bandung AIDS Control Agency (KPA) presented information related to HIV/AIDS in Flower City.

In these data, from a total of 5,943 cases of HIV in the period 1991-2021, 11 percent of them happened to housewives. One of the stories, men who want to have unprotected sex with sex workers.

This figure shows how worrying about HIV/AIDS is. The latest UNAIDS data even shows that there are about 540,000 adults and children living with HIV in 2021.

Unprotected sex or condoms are a way of transmitting HIV. But, not alone.

In addition to unprotected sex, sharing needles and childbirth are also ways of transmitting HIV.

In other words, according to sexologist Haekal Anshari, polygamy does not guarantee having sex outside of marriage.

Sexual desire is something that is influenced by hormones, sexual desire, and past sexual experiences. Of course, this has nothing to do with the number of wives a husband has in polygamy.

Sexual desire, Haekal continued, can be controlled by the frontal lobes of the brain. That is, control of sexual desire is in the mind of every person.

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“Most importantly, all sexually active adults understand and know how to avoid risky sexual behaviors,” Haekal said in a text message. CNNIndonesia.comWednesday (31/8).

Haekal said that the way to prevent the spread of HIV is through sex education, especially about risky sexual behaviors, being safe for legal partners.

The public is also expected to understand the dangers of having sex without a condom. In addition, avoid using drugs by injection.

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