Is it true that Patrick Bruel will be the hero of a series for TF1?

Is it true that Patrick Bruel will be the hero of a series for TF1?

Patrick Bruel, famous French singer and actor, will soon be the star of a series for TF1, according to his statements in an interview on RTL this Saturday, May 6, 2023.

During this interview, journalist Éric Dussart asked a question on a topic that had never been published before. In response, Patrick Bruel confirmed the accuracy of the information by stating, “It is very accurate information.” He then tells us that filming of the series will start in July 2023 and will last until October. The project is eagerly awaited by fans of Patrick Bruel, who is highly regarded for his acting skills.

This Franco-Israeli series is produced, directed and co-written by some of the teams that worked on the hit series Fauda.

The series is adapted from the novel written by a journalist and editor at Liberation named Dov Alfon. He wrote this book out of his own history as he was part of Section 0082 of the Mossad. Patrick Bruel embodies exactly this man in this series. When he completes his mission and returns to France, certain events take place at the airport that cause New York to call Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv to call him back and tell him “Your mission is not entirely complete”.

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This new series offers TF1 the opportunity to offer an ambitious production with production teams and renowned actors, as well as an immersive story based on a real-life experience. The public is certainly impatient to discover this new series that promises success.

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