Is it true that books written by ChatGpt are for sale?

Is it true that books written by ChatGpt are for sale?

There are already hundreds of books written by Chat GP available for sale on the Amazon platform. This phenomenon is already worrying authors and publishers…

Chat GPT, a promising author?

While this AI was already causing problems regarding the authenticity of student work, ChatGPT is now shaking up the publishing industry. This deep learning based chatbot is capable of executing any type of request within minutes. After saving the entire internet by 2021, Chat GPT has read more books than anyone in their lifetime. The billions of sources that feed her give her immense possibilities, we can ask her to write a story with a precise tone, specific themes or even a specific style. The books offered on Amazon’s Kindle therefore refer to Chat GPT as the author or co-author of many novels, children’s books or manuals.

According to Reuters, for example, Brett Schicker published a children’s book: Sammy the squirrel, a 30-page children’s book that sold digitally for $2.99 ​​and printed for $9.99. The book earned the author a hundred dollars in just a few hours. By specifying a defined number of pages, you get exactly the book you wanted to write. The whole thing is to give the best clues possible, so we would move from the art of writing to the art of giving clues. A message that at the same time makes some authors pale, who see it as a coffin, while others, without inspiration, see it as a joyful tool. Especially since Chat GPT typing speed is much faster than human typing. However, if we assume that literature is the song of an emotion, can chat GPT really make literature? Be that as it may, the phenomenon worries publishers.

A cause for concern for the publication

« That’s something we really have to worry about, these books are going to flood the market and a lot of writers will be out of work. There needs to be transparency from authors and platforms about how these books are made or you will end up with a bunch of inferior books. ‘ worries Mary Rasenberger, executive director of the Authors Guild, an organization that defends the rights of American writers. American publishers have already stopped receiving books after suspecting some of them might have been written by the famous AI. Clarkesworld Magazine which publishes science fiction stories is one of them.

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Not to mention all the writers who use Chat GPT without saying so, or as a tool to help them build or feed their narrative. The question remains open. The legal problem remains, who is actually the author? Insofar as this artificial intelligence draws its words from billions of different sources, intellectual property should be invoked unless it is not traceable. Open AI, Chat GPT’s parent company, has not yet addressed this type of problem in the way it has for use in schools. After “homemade” in restaurants, maybe we have the right to “man-made” books? In addition, there are AIs along the same lines that make it possible to create images to illustrate books. Terrifying or revolutionary, Chat GPT is rocking the publishing market and creation in general. case follows.

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