Is it really necessary to sleep an extra hour or two on the weekend?

Is it really necessary to sleep an extra hour or two on the weekend?

At the weekend, we appreciate being able to sleep an extra hour or two to make up for the lack of sleep accumulated during the week. But is it really advisable?

Due to “chronic sleep deprivation on weekdays, many people sleep more on weekends. We’ve been observing this phenomenon for about twenty years,” says neurologist Marc Rey, president of the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV).

But according to the latter, it’s better to change your habits during the week. “You have to organize yourself to go to bed earlier during the week so that you don’t have to catch up on sleep at the weekend,” explains the specialist, recalling that it’s ideal “to stick to fixed times”, even if you don’t work yourself.


And with good reason, it has a synchronizing effect on the sleep-wake cycle, which is regulated by the circadian biological clock. Not to mention that by interrupting his cycle on Saturday and Sunday, “the recovery on Monday will be even more difficult,” the neurologist adds. Nevertheless, he specifies that it is better “to get a few more hours of sleep at the weekend than not to rest at all”.

Also, it should be noted that we are not all the same when it comes to sleep, “everyone matters”. “It’s important to know how much sleep you need,” emphasizes Marc Rey. The optimal length of a night is the one that allows you to feel rested and function well during the day. Once you know, “you have to adjust your bedtime and wake-up time daily.”

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