Is France 2’s The Story of Annette Zelman inspired by a true story?

Is France 2’s The Story of Annette Zelman inspired by a true story?

“The Story of Annette Zelman”, directed by Philippe Le Guay, will be broadcast on France 2. But who was Annette Zelman who was the focus of the TV movie?

A victim of collaboration

Annette Zelman was a young French woman of Jewish descent who fell in love with the future writer John Jausion, a Gentile Frenchman. In Paris in 1942, Annette was 20 years old. Jean was little older and the two loved each other dearly, but the deportation of the Jews from France will change their story. Jean Jausion’s parents did not want their son to marry a Jewess and were willing to do anything to get the young girl out of the way. Annette Zelmanneven to report them to the Gestapo. Annette is finally deported further to Auschwitz June 22, 1942.

The terrible fate of the young woman shows how state cooperation has facilitated the implementation of the “final solution”.

A TV film in homage

We find ourselves in the roles of the two young people Ilona Bachelier (Annette), who started her career in our happy days by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. She was best known for her role as Violette in The new button war and also recently appeared in an episode of tandem (Season 6, Episode 8). On his side, Vasily Schneider is John. After importing secondary characters Black Diamond by Arthur Harari and in the series To liveVassili Schneider joined the cast of the series Mixed. Subsequently, the young actor became a firefighter for Jean-Jacques Annaud in Notre Dame is on fire and took on the role of a student in The Almond Trees, by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi.

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It is therefore these two actors who will play the main roles in this new film directed by Philippe Le Guay. Jean Jausion’s character’s parents are played by Julia Pretty etc Laurent Luke.