Insecurity: “MyEli”, all about these connected jewels that call for help in case of an attack

Insecurity: “MyEli”, all about these connected jewels that call for help in case of an attack

A networked bracelet that can warn the relatives of its wearer in the event of danger? That’s what MyEli promises, a bracelet made in France that won the innovation prize at the Las Vegas High-Tech Show.

At first glance it is a simple piece of jewellery. In reality, with this chic and trendy bracelet, you can notify your contacts quickly and discreetly through a connected screen. Here’s what you need to know about this small technological revolution for 95 euros.

You only need one click to send a personalized alert to the person of your choice, configured in the application. In addition to the text, the bracelet also displays your GPS location. The goal? “Don’t worry if you’re traveling alone,” reads the MyEli website.

In addition, with this elegant bracelet you can ring your phone to ward off a potential attacker, but also start an audio recording that could serve as evidence in the event of a trial. From a more practical point of view, it also allows you to send a reassuring message to a list of relatives when you have returned home safely.

Occurred as a result of trauma

It was a fire in her building that prompted Ludivine Romary to start her business, reports Le Figaro. After having this experience, she was plagued by many fears, especially in public places. La Bordelaise also explains that she was influenced by “the speaking of women during the social movements of 2018[reference to #MeToo ed.],” she wrote online.

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Launched in November 2021, the bracelet was crowned in January 2022 with the innovation award of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the most recognized trade fair in the field of technological innovation in Las Vegas.

Note that this bracelet can also be used by the elderly or young children living alone.